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Not So Fast, Not So Cheap

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Basirhat, 13 January 2021, part 7
Translated from Bengali


When I left home and came to the temple, my previous family had not got any message or letter from me—for twelve-thirteen years they did not know where I was. They even did my sraddha ceremony deciding that I was dead. Later they got to know that I had taken sannyas. Many of them hated me for that. I used to work as a college teacher and they despised me for quitting that job and joining a temple. My mother heard so much criticism from my brothers, later she left the world and got some peace, and all my aunties suffered so much—they all died crying and suffering because of problems in their family. There is a temple now in that place, a very good thing has been done there. It is said in the scriptures that if at any house a son becomes a sannyasi, twenty-four generations get liberation. When I left my material life and came to the temple, I came to Gurudev wearing just my clothes, and Gurudev has made me so big—I travel all over the world, and the whole world is now in my hand.

In this way, it is a great fortune to be able to practise Krishna consciousness.

অল্প ভাগ্যে সেবা নাহি হয়
কোটি জন্ম থাকলে ভাগ্য
বিষয় ছেড়ে হয় বৈরাগ্য

alpa-bhagye seva nahi haya
koti janma thakle bhagya
visaya chhede haya vairagya

"Service does not come by just a little fortune. Only after ten million births of good fortune, can you leave this material world behind."

I am not forcing you to leave your families. I did not have my own family (I did not get married), so I left and came to the temple. Vishnupriya Devi gave up so much in her life, she even gave up Mahaprabhu (Nimai)—she let Him leave...

Today is the day when Mahaprabhu left His home. Do you know what He said? "Ami yai yai mane kari, ami yaite nahi pari—maha-maya pichanete taya! (আমি যাই যাই মনে করি, আমি যাইতে না পারি—মহামায়া পিছনেতে টায় !)" The Lord says, "I have decided that I will leave, but I could not! I want to leave this material world, but Maya is always pulling Me behind!" Tomorrow in the morning He will come to the temple of Keshav Bharati. Gurudev told me about the conversation that took place between them on this day. I asked Gurudev once, "Keshav Bharati spoke to Mahaprabhu the whole day and night. What did they speak about?" Then Gurudev told about it slowly and in detail chanting the glory of this pastime. That conversation was like that. Keshav Bharati said,

"You have come to take sannyas, but You are only twenty-four years old! How will You take sannyas at twenty-four? Moreover, sannyas is prohibited in Kali-yuga. How can you take sannyas at twenty-four? You should be at least fifty..."

"Prabhu, I am now fifty years old," said Nimai Vishvambhar.

"Fifty? Even if You are fifty, You have not conquered the faults of pancha-rasa (five material tastes)!" These five tastes are the enjoyment of beauty (eyes), taste (tongue), smell (nose), sound (ears), and touch (skin). These five tastes must be always controlled. We are always attracted to beautiful things. Suppose there are two cars going down the road—one is new and beautiful and the other one is old and ugly; which of the cars will your eyes follow? Suppose there are two girls walking down the street, one is dark and another one is a beauty; where will your eyes fall? You will look at the beautiful girl. Is it right or not? Eyes always want to see beautiful things. What is enjoyment through taste? Have you ever seen ants in a tin of gur [molasses]? Sometimes you open a tin and see there are so many ants in it—they come there on their own, start eating and think, "I will eat more, I will eat more!" in the end, they eat more and more and die there. They are destroyed by their own greed for tasty food. Enjoyment through the sound is also like that. I have seen some tamed elephants—people control them through sound. The attraction to touch and smell is also like that.

Then, Mahaprabhu said, "All right, I am sixty now."

"Even if You are sixty," said Keshav Bharati, "if you have not conquered the six enemies, You cannot take sannyas even at sixty."

What are these six enemies? Kama (lust), krodha (angery), lobha (greed), moha (illusion), mada (madness), matsarya (envy). Lust means you always want more, want more, you always have desires, you want to enjoy more and more. Anger. Who should you be angry with? With those who are against devotees, nothing else. Greed must be only greed for Hari-katha. You can also be greedy for the prasadam of the Lord. 'Madness' means ego—somebody is proud of their money, somebody is proud of their bodily beauty, somebody is proud of their qualities, etc. We always take untruth for truth. One time, when I was preaching in Bardhaman, I went to one devotee's house—he had just made a very big two-storey house with marble floors, etc. I was to stay in that house for two-three days, and I told him, "Prabhu, many devotees are inviting me to take prasadam at their house," but he said, "No, no, you must stay at my house the whole day! You must stay at my new house and I will feed you three times a day." This is ego. Everybody wants to make a programme at their house in the morning or afternoon, I told we could make a programme in the evening at his house, there will be more people, but he did not like that, "No, you must make all programmes here at my house. Come, come, take a look what a beautiful house I have made! I have not taken even one rupee from my father, I have made it myself!" Next morning, that devotee went outside to clean something in the garden and when he cut some small plant he saw there was a snake there, and the snake bit him by the hand. There is a hospital three miles from his house, but he did not get time to even reach that hospital. They called an ambulance, put him in the ambulance, but he died before they could reached the hospital. So, if you think, "This is my money," "This is my house," "This is my car"—this is all ego. Then, there is also matsarya, envy. The Lord says, "I have given a place for everything, but I will not give any place for envy." Do you understand what 'matsarya' means? It is envy, jealousy. The actual meaning is that we cannot stand seeing others doing good. Suppose a boy passes an exam very well, you are supposed to be happy for him, but instead you get very happy if he fails. Srila Bhaktivinod Thakur says, "Para-sukha duhkhi. When I see others happy, I feel unhappy, and when I see others unhappy, I get so happy." This is our situation. Asesa kamana hrdi majhe mora. I have unlimited desires in my heart. We always want more, more, more. Krodhi dambha-parayana. We are angry and very proud.

অশেষ কামনা হৃদি মাঝে মোর
ক্রোধী দম্ভপরায়ণ ।
মদমত্ত সদা বিষয়ে মোহিত
হিংসা-গর্ব্ব বিভূষণ ॥

asesa kamana hrdi majhe mora
krodhi, dambha-parayana
mada-matta sada visaye mohita
himsa-garva vibhusana

There are unlimited sinful desires within the core of my heart. I am angry and arrogant, always maddened with vanity, infatuated with mundanity, and malice and pride are my ornaments.

Always remember this.

Then, Mahaprabhu said, "All right, I am ninety now."

"If You cannot practise nine kinds of devotional practice (nava-vidha bhakti), You cannot take sannyas even when You are ninety."

What are the nine kinds of devotion? You know that there are nine islands in Nabadwip. Do you know which island represents which kind of devotion? Sravanam, kirtanam, smaranam, pada-sevanam, archanam, vandanam, dasyam, sakhyam, atma-nivedanam (hearing, chanting, remembering the Lord, serving the Lord's lotus feet, worshipping the Deity of the Lord, offering obeisance, rendering service as a servitor, as a friend, and self-submission). These nine kinds of devotion are practised on the nine islands of Nabadwip. Our old temple that we had is in Koladwip, this is a place of pada-sevanam, and the new temple is now in Godrumdwip (Nrisingha Palli), this is kirtanam. You can see the new book Sri Nabadwip Dham Mukta-Mahatmya-Mala, all this is explained and described there. Nabadwip is an eight-petal lotus, and in the middle is Antardwip. You should buy and read this book—if you do not read, then what is the use having this book? Sripad Bhakti Pramode Puri Maharaj said once, "You are writing so many books, but people will end up using them to wrap chanachur." This is so true. These days people only read their mobile phones. In Mednipur there is a boy who was not even nineteen when he went blind looking into his phone all the time. People get used to mobile phones so much that they cannot even chant on their beads after that. You must stop this addiction to mobile phones. Do you understand? Only use your phone when it is necessary.

So, Keshav Bharati said that even at ninety it is not possible to take sannyas. Mahaprabhu said,

"OK, I am one hundred now!"

"Even if You are one hundred," Keshav Bharati replied, "if You cannot control Your ten senses, You cannot take sannyas even then!"

It is necessary to control your ten senses. People get so proud, "I have conquered the whole world"—yes you have, but you cannot conquer your own self! Have you conquered your eyes? There are five senses to perform action and five senses to acquire knowledge. The five karmendriya are feet, hands, rectum, genitals, mouth (পদ, পাণি, পায়ু, উপস্থ, বাক, pada, pani, payu, upastha, vak); the five jnanendriya are eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin (চক্ষু, কর্ণ, নাসিকা, জিহ্বা, ত্বক্, chaksu, karna, nasika, jihva, tvak). So, Keshav Bharati was saying that until and unless you can subdue all these senses, you cannot take sannyas.

This is the conversation that took place between Mahaprabhu and Keshav Bharati. Those who can control all this, they can attain everything.


— : • : —





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