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Loving Relationship with the Lord

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham Parikrama, Day Two
Evening class, 24 March 2021, part 4
Translated from Bengali


We were talking today about Varahadev who is the master of Koladwip, and, as we were chanting the Dasa Avatara Stotram kirtan, it is mentioned there Sukara-rupa of the Lord, 'sukara' means a boar. There is also the incarnation of the Lord in the form of a dwarf (Vamanadev) and also a half-man and half-lion form (Nrisinghadev).

So, when Jay and Vijay appeared in this world, they came as Hiranyakasipu (the elder brother) and Hiranyaksa (the younger brother). The two brothers were so powerful and fearsome that all demons worshipped them. How much austerity they have given to others, and how much Prahlad Maharaj had to go through! It should teach us what a devotee must be like—when Lord Nrisinghadev killed Hiranyakasipu in His fury, all the demigods were shivering with fear and nobody wanted to come close to Lord Nrisinghadev, but Prahlad Maharaj came to Him, and as soon as Lord Nrisinghadev saw him, He immediately became cool. When a cow sees its calf or a lion sees its cub, it immediately becomes loving towards its baby. The Lord in the form of a lion was also so angry and ferocious, but when His own son came to Him, He immediately became calm and loving. Lord Nrisinghadev took Prahlad Maharaj on His lap and began to lick him!

After that, there followed a long conversation at the end of which Lord Nrisighadev asked Prahlad Maharaj, "What boon do you want? What can I give you?" In reply, Prahlad Maharaj spoke earnestly what was in his heart, "Prabhu, Lord Brahma is Your close associate, Your very own, Lord Siva is Your own close associate, Lord Indra is Your own—Indra has taken the responsibility for heaven, Brahma is responsible for creating this world. Have You even taken Lord Brahma on Your lap and asked him that? Have You ever shown this kind of affection to Your sakti (energy, or power) Laksmi Devi? You take her on your lap, but do You ever show her this kind of affection? Lord Indra is the king of heaven, but have You ever taken him on your lap and petted him? Never. Then what kind of boon will I want from You when You have already given so much love and affection to me?" The Lord's devotees are so near and dear to the Lord! How beautiful these words are!

Then, Prahlad Maharaj said, "If You must give me some boon, then I can ask for one thing. My father has done so many things. He killed brahmans, he burnt Vaishnavs, he killed cows and calves and ate their meat. He even dared raise his hand to You. Prabhu, I am praying to You—please rescue my father." Do you see? How merciful the Lord's devotees are! Prahlad Maharaj was beaten and tortured in so many ways, but he prayed to the Lord for him.


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