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Yasoda's Darling Krishna

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Saint Petersburg, Russia
13 August 2009


You know that Krishna was born in the jail from Vasudev and Devaki, but how fortunate Nanda Maharaj and Yasoda Ma are! They got Krishna as their son and could serve Krishna.

One day, an old devotee asked me, "Maharaj, everybody says Krishna was born in jail from Vasudev and Devaki, does it mean that Krishna is Nanda Maharaj's and Yasoda's adopted son?" I was surprised at his question, "What are you saying?! You are a thirty-three-year-old devotee living in the temple as a brahmachari, and you are asking this question? Where did you get this idea?!" Srimad Bhagavatam always says "Yasoda-atmaja" and "Nanda-atmaja" (son of Yasoda, son of Nanda Maharaj), it is never said there "Vasudeva-atamja" or "Devaki-atmaja". Krishna was their son before, but you know when somebody prays, "I want to get Krishna as My son next life..." Krishna fulfils their desire. That is why the son came from Nanda Maharaj and Yasoda—from their heart.

How fortunate they are and how much affection they have for Krishna. Yasoda Ma even tied Krishna! She was boiling milk (for whom? for her son) when suddenly Krishna began to cry so much, "Give Me milk! Give Me milk!" Yasoda went to Krishna, and that that time the milk boiled over. Some affection, some feelings came to Yasoda Ma and she went to tie Krishna with a rope. She tried to tie Him, but the rope was two fingers too short. She joined more rope, but it was again two fingers too short. She again joined more rope, and it was again two fingers too short. She began so sweat so much, and Krishna took pity on her—the same rope that was short before, became enough to tie Him.

Why was it always two fingers too short? Srimad Bhagavatam says that one finger is desire, and the other finger is mercy. If you have desire, Krishna will give you His mercy; if you have no desire, then Krishna will not give you His mercy. In the same way, if you make one step towards Krishna (towards Krishna consciousness), Krishna will come ten steps towards you.

Another point is that if you invite Krishna, He will not come to you, but if you invite His mother, then it is not necessary to invite Krishna—Krishna will not come without His mother, and if you invite His mother, then He will come to you with His mother (it is not necessary to invite Him separately).

You heard also about the Kaliya-daman-lila. Krishna floated in the water for so long that He became very cold. His mother (vataslya-rasa) took Him to the highest place in Vrindavan and summoned dvadas Surya, twelve suns. One sun gives so much heat, but when twelve suns came all together, there was so much heat that there started so much wild fire. All Vraja basis, all devotees of Vrindavan became afraid, but Krishna's mother kept Him there because Krishna was so cold, He was shaking and suffering so much. When Krishna sensed that all devotees, all Vraja-basis, were very afraid, He ate all the fire! After that, Yasoda Ma took Him home and gave Him some hot milk because she was so worried, "My son is so cold!" When Krishna touched the hot milk with His lips, He cried, "Ow!" Yasoda Ma was surprised, "I have just now seen how You have eaten so much fire, and now You are scared of some hot milk?!" Krishna said then quietly, "Have you seen it? Do not tell anyone about it, OK?"

These are some of His many Pastimes...


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'If in this life you think, 'This is my house, I will not leave this house,' then next birth you will become a lizard. Attachment is a very dangerous thing. The kind of attachment you have for your family life should come for your Guru, the Vaishnavs, and Bhagavan.'


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