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30 March 2010
The Seeds of Discord
"This animosity, these things have not grown overnight—it has been growing and increasing day by day, day by day. You did not see what was happening inside, and now that tree grown very big!"
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Strong Faith and Chastity
"He may not be able to talk now like before, but he can see everything, and he is watching everything. I think those who say Gurudev is not here anymore have not got any connection with Gurudev. That is why it is necessary to have a strong faith."
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"I Want to Forget"
"I want to go somewhere—I want to get some relief. When I am sitting in the office, I get some relief, but as soon as I go to my room, I again start remembering everything. I want to forget it, but I cannot... It is impossible to forget this. Such is my situation."
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20 April 2010
Gopeshwar Mahadev's Surrender
"...Lord Siva entered the rasa-mancha in this mood, and Krishna understood who had come. Everyone wondered where the new gopi had come from and why Krishna was giving her so much honour."
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June 2010
Chant Constantly
"Anywhere you can stay, be it forest or a house, it is necessary to chant, only to chant constantly. When you stop chanting, illusory environment can come. Chant constantly!"

The Four Regulative Principles
The morbid consequences of neglecting the proper following of the four regulative principles—the four dwelling places of Kali Maharaj; and the affectionate advice on this matter.

Sri Guru: Mercy at Your Doorstep
"What has Sri Guru come for? Krishna sent him to rescue us, to take us home, but we do not want to go. Krishna is pulling us one way, and we are grasping onto our house pillar. Krishna and Gurudev are saying, 'Come with me! I have come to take you home.' But we reply...."

Nimai: "Worship Me! I will give you everything!"
"On special days, all the ladies would come to the Ganga to do Ganga puja, they would bring some white rice, bananas, other different fruit and ingredients, but Mahaprabhu would break their puja..."
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Unpretentious Mood
"It is not necessary to show detachment, just as it is not necessary to [externally] show love and affection. The jiva soul wants to serve the Lord, but it cannot because the illusory environment is always pressuring it—it cannot get out of it."
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Sri Guru's Forgiving Mercy
"Gurudev is always merciful. I can give you an example of how merciful Gurudev is, I can tell you one story. Disciples always do wrong, but Gurudev is always merciful..."
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Faith Is the Currency
"I have carried so many things from Nabadwip, it is such a heavy load on My head—do I now have to go again back to Nabadwip with all this? I cannot do it. I must distribute it! If somebody can pay at least a little price, I will distribute it to them!"
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16 June 2010
Lord Nrisimhadev and "Krishna in my heart"
Succint answers to two frequent questions: can we worship Lord Nrisimhadev, and can we think that Krishna is in my heart and be satisfied with that?
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Yamaduts and Ego: How to Survive?
How to escape Yamaduts? Is it really necessary to wear Tulasi neck beads? Can a grihastha be totally surrendered? And what to do if along with a lot of service there comes a lot of ego?

Whole-Hearted Service
"Narottam Das Thakur was born in Sripat Keturi (Bangladesh) and in his life he composed many Vaishnav songs. Actually, all our Guru-varga serve the Lord and serve their Guru whole-heartedly, with body, mind, and speech."
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17 June 2010
Do not follow your mind: surrender to your Guru
"We cannot follow our mind. We do not know what will be good for us, so what instructions Gurudev gives, what is Gurudev's desire, and what will happen—depend on him, give up everything to him."

Householders: Appearance Is Deceptive
"Until you have reached a particular stage, level of realisation, you cannot understand who is a devotee and who is not just by their external behaviour."
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18 June 2010
The Devotee and the Barber
"How do you know there is no God? You never went to God. You never go to Krishna's devotee, you never go to Krishna's temple. Go and then you can understand whether Krishna exists or not."

The Eyes to See, the Heart to Feel