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12 January & 21 September 2012
Sri Bamunpara Dham
"Actually, I first came to this place in 1993. Gurudev told me, 'If you want to do something in my birthplace, first make a house for Gopinath, I will be very happy.' Gurudev ordered it to me, and I did it..."
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22 January 2012 (class in Guntur, AP)
Vaishnav-Seva: Highlight of Life
"You must always do Vaishnav seva—without service to the Vaishnavs we cannot proceed in our spiritual life. How can you do Vaishnav seva? Vaishnav seva means following the order and advice that a Vaishnav gives you."
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22 January 2012 (class in Nandigram, AP)
Tracing Our Roots
"We have all come from the same family. Wake up! This is not your real home! How many days will you stay here? We have all come from the same place—you have come from Me, and I have come to take you there!"
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Serve, Chant, Remember
"We keep coming and going, we are always changing our address, but now that we have got a human body. If a fortunate soul can take and chant the Holy Name, they can go to their real home, it will not be necessary for them to suffer any more."
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This Is Your Medicine, Take It
"So, I am praying to everybody—Mahaprabhu brought Harinam-sankirtan, this is your medicine, take it. If you take this medicine, you will be rescued from this world. When you get a good doctor and good medicine, your disease will be removed. How is it possible?"
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Devotion to Devotees
"You must serve the devotees. Gurudev said, 'If you serve devotees, Krishna will come and serve you.' Why is it necessary to take initiation, why is it necessary to take a Guru? Why do we go to the temple?"
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Priceless Wealth
"Many years ago, there was one brahmin who worshipped Lord Siva. One day, Lord Siva became very happy with his meditation and asked him, 'What do you want?' The brahmin said, 'I want some money'"...
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Captured by Heart, Not Kartals
"You know that Radharani did not study at Cambridge or Oxford University—simply through service, through chanting, She captured the heart of Krishna. When you go to Goloka Vrindavan, there will be no kartals, no mridanga, only clapping and chanting."
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Power of Surrender—and Faith
"The Lord can change everything. You think something is impossible, but nothing is impossible, anything can happen. But it all depends upon your faith. If you have the strongest faith and you surrender fully, then you will get a real benefit."