Sun, 25 September 2016:
Preaching Tactics
"When Mahaprabhu preached, He converted the biggest men. Two kinds of preaching are necessary—on the one hand preaching to the big fallen souls, and on the other hand, to the big famous men who control others. Do you know the story of Alexander the Great?"
Download the audio (1.7 Mb, 5 min | 1 October 2013)


Sat, 24 September 2016:
Watch Out for Dacoits
"Devotion can be stolen. You can be robbed at any time by some dacoits... When there is a danger of dacoits, it is necessary to have some protection. Devotion also needs protection."
Download the audio (0.9 Mb, 3 min | 1 October 2013)


Fri, 23 September 2016:
Uddhav Kunda
"One day Krishna wanted to examine Uddhav. Uddhav was always with Krishna, and he had some pride because he thought, 'I am an intimate friend of Krishna.' So, Uddhav Maharaj went to Vrindavan, and as soon as he arrived, all gopis came to him..."
Download the audio (0.9 Mb, 3 min | 11 August 2003)


Thu, 22 September 2016:
Kali-Yuga's Wealth
"In this age of Kali-yuga, the only religion is the Holy Name; otherwise besides this Holy Name there is no other religion. The Lord says, 'You cannot do without the Holy Name—without the Holy Name, you cannot get Me, you cannot get your real home.'"
Download the audio (0.8 Mb, 2 min | 11 August 2003)


—: SRI VYASA PUJA Invitation :—

pujya-sri-guru-varga-vandita-mahabhavanvitayah sada
bhakter nirmala-nirjharasya nibhrtam samraksakam sadaram
vande sri-gurudevam anata-sira acharya-varyam nijam
"I bow my head in eternal obeisance to my Gurudev, the best of acharyas, Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj. He is the ever vigilant, stalwart guardian of the current of pure devotion whose highest form flows from our most worshippable Sri Rupanuga Guru-varga in their exclusive dedication to Mahabhav, Srimati Radharani."

On 1 October 2016 (Saturday), our Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math is observing the holy appearance day of His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Jagad-Guru Sri Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj, the President-Sevaite Acharya of our Mission and the supreme holder of Sri Rupanuga Sampradaya, and we would like to extend a cordial invitation to all devotees, friends, and well-wishers to attend this exalted auspicious function at our main Math in Sri Nabadwip Dham or any of the branches worldwide.

We are also humbly inviting the devotees to send their Sri Vyasa Puja offerings and prayers (a special homage in glorification of the holy lotus feet of Sri Gurupadpadma) by 20 September the latest in order to be able to prepare them and offer unto the lotus hands of His Divine Grace timely.
Our email address is

Sri Guru and His Grace
"Guru is the divine messenger of immortal hope and joy in this mortal and miserable world. His advent is the most auspicious and happy event to the suffering animation and can be compared to the rising of the morning star that can guide the traveller lost in the desert. A gentle touch of Sri Guru's merciful hand can wipe away the incessant tears from all weeping eyes..."


Wed, 21 September 2016:
Beyond Blind World
"Beauty always attracts and charms us. There are five channels of perception—form, taste, smell, sound, touch—and we always go everywhere looking for beauty in this world. What we experience is not eternal—we must go for the transcendental, for the eternal things."
Download the audio (1.4 Mb, 4 min | 11 August 2003)


Tue, 20 September 2016:
Lacking Mercy or Lacking Faith?
"When you come in Krishna consciousness life, nobody is going to give you an examination to show your progress. You can do this examination yourself. How?"
Download the audio (1.1 Mb, 3 min | 11 August 2003)


Mon, 19 September 2016:
Exclusive Line—Exclusive Dedication [22 March 2016, translated from Bengali]
"You must worship and serve the Lord, you must worship and serve your Guru. As long as you are alive you must come for this Nabadwip Dham parikrama. In this way you will get a relationship with the Lord. Be fixed and sincere in your practice and service."


Sun, 18 September 2016:
Adopting the Process [22 March 2016, translated from Bengali]
"In this place (Koladwip) the process is pada-sevanam (serving the feet). It is necessary to practise this, and it is necessary to keep this in your heart. Who can give you the Lord? You cannot get the Lord through karma, yoga, or jnana."


Sat, 17 September 2016:
Cultivating the Heart
"If you want to grow some fruit trees or some other trees and plants in a jungle, you must first prepare the place. You must first clean the place, then cultivate and plant—otherwise if you plant something in a jungle, it will not grow."
Download the audio (1.7 Mb, 5 min | 5 September 2011)


Fri, 16 September 2016:
Entering Krishna's World
"Wherever you look, you cannot see anything other than Krishna—this kind of feeling should come. But how can we see this? Our mind is always in the illusory environment, and whatever senses we have, it is all full of material, illusory environment..."
Download the audio (1.9 Mb, 6 min | 5 September 2011)


Thu, 15 September 2016: (Disappearance day of Namacharya Srila Haridas Thakur)
Srila Haridas Thakur's Nirjan
"Everybody must remember the three wishes of Srila Haridas Thakur. 'I want to keep Your lotus feet in my heart, to see Your lotus face with my eyes, and with my my mouth, I want to chant Your name. This is my only hope and prayer...'"
Download the audio (1.9 Mb, 6 min | 3 October 2015)


By remembering the glory of Srila Haridas Thakur all our impurities will go out.
(Srila B.S. Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj)


Withdrawal of Srila Haridas Thakur
"On this day Mahaprabhu gave a great festival for Haridas Thakur; on this day Haridas Thakur left this world. Actually, Haridas Thakur is always with us—he did not leave this world, only his body left..."
Download the audio (3.1 Mb, 9 min | 11 September 2011)

Disappearance of Srila Haridas Thakur (24 September 2009)
The sad and loving Pastime of the Lord and His devotee, Namacharya Haridas Thakur: "Prabhu, do not give me Maya. I know you love me so much, that is why I do not want to hear from You any further. Please give me some mercy—I want to go before You. Please, Prabhu, fulfil my desire."

SONG: Ye anila prema dhana | যে আনিল প্রেমধন
"I will break my head on a rock, I will enter into fire. Not finding the association of Sri Gauranga, who performed His Pastimes with all these associates, Narottam Das weeps."



Уход Шрилы Харидаса Тхакура
«Прабху, не нужно майи! Я знаю, Ты очень меня любишь, поэтому я и не хочу ничего больше слышать... Пожалуйста, будь милостив ко мне, я хочу уйди до Тебя».

О том, как отстранился Шрила Харидас Тхакур
«В этот день Махапрабху устроил большой праздник в честь Харидаса Тхакура; в этот день Харидас Тхакур покинул этот мир. На самом деле, Харидас Тхакур всегда с нами, он не покинул этот мир, ушло лишь его тело...»


Appeal from His Divine Grace Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj
Dear devotees, please accept my humble obeisance. I express my appreciation to all devotees and well-wishers who are helping me and helping protect the Mission of Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, and I am writing with one more request... >>>





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Daily Kirtans


Sri Sri Prema-Vivarta
“Krishna mercifully frees souls from samsara if they even once earnestly call out to Him.”


Pray and Practise
'There are twenty-four hours in a day, how many hours are you busy eating, sleeping, enjoying, and how many hours are you busy serving? You must give more time to service. Your mind, your heart must think about the Lord, about Gurudev's service.'



CALENDAR 09/2016

27. (Tue) Indira Ekadashi. Fast.

28. (Wed) Paran between 5:29 a.m. and 9:27 a.m.


CALENDAR 10/2016

1. (Sat) Appearance festival of Om Visnupad Paramahamsa-kula-chudamani Visva-varenya Sri Srimad Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj.

4. (Tue) Disappearance of Sriyukta Radharani Devi Chaudurani.

5. (Wed) Disappearance of Tridandi Swami Sripad Bhakti Dayita Damodar Maharaj.

11. (Tue) Vijay Utsav of Sri Ramachandra. Appearance of Sri Madhva Acharya.

12. (Wed) Pashankusha Ekadashi. Fast.

13. (The) Paran between 5:35 and 9:27 a.m. Disappearance of Srila Raghunath Das Goswami, Srila Raghunath Bhatta Goswami, and Srila Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami.

16. (Sun) Purnima. Disappearance of Srila Murari Gupta. Beginning of Urja Vrata, Damodar Vrata, Kartik Vrata and Niyam-seva Vrata.

18. (Tue) Disappearance of Tridandi Swami Srimad Bhakti Srirup Puri Maharaj.

20. (Thu) Disappearance of Srila Narottam Das Thakur.

21. (Fri) Disappearance of Srila Bhakti Vichar Jajavar Maharaj.

23. (Sun) Manifestation day of Sri Radha Kunda. Sannyas day of Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj.

24. (Mon) The grand 122nd appearance day of Om Vishnupad Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj. Appearance of Srila Virachandra Prabhu. Disappearance of Sripad Sakhi Charan Das Babaji Maharaj.

26. (Wed) Rama Ekadashi. Fast.

27. (Thu) Paran between 5:42 and 9:27 a.m. Festival in honour of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu's auspicious arrival at Sripat Panihati.

29. (Sat) Offering and placing of lamps (or candles) on Vishnu Mandirs.

30. (Sun) Amavasya. Dipavali. Offering and placing of lamps (or candles) on Vishnu Mandirs.

31. (Mon) Sri Govardhan Puja. Grand Annakut Mahotsav at Srila Sridhar Swami Seva Ashram in Sri Govardhan and in the Temple in Sri Gupta Govardhan. Go Puja and Go Krida.




1) Criticise sadhus, Vaishnavs
2) Consider Lord Siva and gods to be independent of Lord Krishna
3) Consider Guru to be an ordinary mortal man
4) Criticise scriptures
5) Interpret the Name with the help of a dictionary, etc.
6) Consider the Name imaginary.
7) Sin and chant to remove the sin.
8) Consider chanting equal to pious activities.
9) Instruct faithless people in chanting, inattentive chanting.
10) Remain attached to things, your body, etc.


Nitai gunamani amara
'Nitai cut a canal into the sealed ocean of mercy and a flood of nectarean divine love spread to every home.'
নিতাই গুণমণি আমার


Somebody chastises you and treats you bad, and you show the same behaviour
towards them—this is not the religion of Mahaprabhu.