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Truthful Village

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Caracas, Venezuela
27 September 2009


One time, Narad Goswami came in this world to visit the villages. He came to a village and asked a man, "What is the name of this village?" The man said, "This village's name is Truthful, nobody here tells a lie."

Then, he came to a house and asked a man who was nearby, "Who is the house proprietor?"

"I am the proprietor," said the man.

"Oh, you are the proprietor? How much money do you have in your bank account?"

The man was surprised. He thought, "What kind of man is this, he comes and asks how much money I have in the bank?..."

"How much money do you have in the bank?" asked Narad Muni again

"I have only ten thousand dollars in the bank," answered the man.

"You have a big house, three-four cars, and you say you have only ten thousand dollars? Even some daily worker, even a servant has more than ten thousand dollars!"

"This village's name is Truthful, nobody here tells a lie! Go away!"

Narad Goswami went to another house. He asked again, "Who is the house proprietor?"

"I am the house proprietor," answered a man.

"How many children do you have?"

"I have only one son."

"Only one son? But I see there are three-four boys, two girls taking food—who are they?!"

"Do not ask too many questions! This village's name is Truthful, nobody here tells a lie. I have only son."

"But I can see you have many sons—"

"No. I have only one son."

Then, Narad Muni went to another house. On the way, he saw an old man, maybe eighty years old, sitting and chanting on his beads, he was shaved and had a tilak on.

"Where is your house?" asked Narad Muni.

"This house is not mine, it is Krishna's house. I am only staying here temporarily," answered the old man.

"How old are you?"

One, two, three, four, ...—the man began to count. "Oh, I am twenty years old!"

"You are twenty?! You like you are eighty and you say you are twenty?!"

The man became angry, "Hey! This village's name is Truthful, nobody here tells a lie!"

In the end, Narad Muni went to Yudhisthir Maharaj.

"Yudhisthir Maharaj," said Narad, "I came to visit this world and I came to one village called Truthful. I went to three men there, but all three of them told me the opposite of the truth... The first man I came to has a big house, many cars, but he said he had only ten thousand dollars in his bank!"

"Yes, he told the truth."

"How do you know it?" Narad Goswami was surprised.

"I know it because that man made a big festival at the temple yesterday and he expended ten thousand dollars there—that is his original bank deposit, it is deposited for the service to the Lord. The rest of his money is not deposited."

"OK... Another man I saw has many children, maybe five-six sons and daughters, but he told me he had only one son! Why?"

"He has five-six children, but from these five-six children only one son took initiation from a bona fide guru and serves the Lord—he is his son. The other sons only drink wine, play and enjoy, they are not his sons."

"All right. And then there was another man. He looks like he is eighty years old, but why did he say that he was only twenty years old?"

"Because he took initiation twenty years ago and he has practised Krishna consciousness for twenty years, and he wasted the other sixty years of his time; that is why his age is twenty."


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