Unpretentious Mood

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Caracas, June 2010


Question: I was reading that Gurudev says that there is some illusion in the Holy Dham that covers everything and does not allow us to see the real spiritual abode. Does it mean that when we stay in the Holy Dham we do not commit offences? Will all our other offences be removed there?

Actually, our temple is in Koladwaip, it is aparadh-bhanjan-pat (a place where all offences are removed), but if somebody comes to the Holy Dham and makes some offence there, then such offences will not be removed.

Bhakti Vinod Thakur wrote,

মায়াজালে বদ্ধ হ'য়ে,
আছ মিছে কাজ ল'য়ে ।

maya-jale baddha ha'ye
achha michhe kaja la'ye

"Bound in Maya's net, you work in vain."

'Jal' means a net, an illusory net. You think you are free, but we are actually not free—we are covered by the net of the illusory environment and the jiva soul cannot do anything. The jiva soul wants to serve the Lord, but it cannot because the illusory environment is always pressuring it—it cannot get out of it.


Question: Does the same apply to making offence here in Parama Karuna?

The aparadh-bhanjan-pat is Koladwip, but here too you can make an offence. If you think you have made some offence, you can pray, "Please forgive my offence."

But when somebody is a servitor of the Lord, a servitor of the Guru and some offence unknowingly comes, Krishna automatically removes their offence. A servitor is excused. Sometimes, a servitor can make some offence without knowing it (for example, you are offering the bhog and a drop of rice or subji falls on the flour and you step on it—you do not know it, but an offence happened automatically), but Krishna does not see His devotees' offences, He always removes His devotees' offences.


Question: Is detachment something internal?

I have told it many times: it is not necessary to show detachment, just as it is not necessary to [externally] show love and affection. Gurudev always told me, "Get out! Get out!" but I know how much love and affection he has for me. Gurudev said to somebody, "I always tell this boy to get out, I always chastise him, but he always gets out and comes back to me. I am testing him—if he has love and affection for me, then he will not get out, he will stay with me."

For example, somebody tells you not to come to the temple, but if you continue coming to the temple and doing service, then your offence will be removed and the person who had told you not to come will also eventually get the feeling, "Oh, I cannot tell anybody to get out from the temple."


Question: Can we chant bhajans of Bhakti Vinod Thakur in Spanish?

How is it possible? Is it possible? Language actually does not matter—you can chant them as it is, it is not difficult, and if you can make it in Spanish, you can chant in Spanish, but I do not know if it is possible. But do not chant Hare Krishna in Spanish! [His Divine Grace laughs.]


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