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His Things For His Service

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham
28 November 2010


[A question came that somebody earns their living by cheating people:]

Cheating people is not a problem if you use the money you get for the service of the Guru, then it is not harmful and no karma-bandhan (bondage) will come. For the service of the Lord you can do everything. Krishna told Himself in Srimad Bhagavad-gita (9.30),

অপি চেৎ সুদুরাচারো ভজতে মামনন্যভাক্ ।
সাধুরেব স মন্তব্যঃ সম্যগ্ব্যবসিতো হি সঃ ॥

api chet suduracharo, bhajate mam ananya-bhak
sadhur eva sa mantavyah, samyag vyavasito hi sah

"If even a very sinful person serves Me exclusively with devotion, he should be regarded as saintly, for his resolve is perfect."

Krishna Himself says, "If My devotee is a thief, if My devotee is a rascal, etc. still he is My devotee."

Question: But if I think I want to steal and do some action, there will be reaction...

If you do any action for the Lord, then there is no reaction. When you are cutting the vegetables, for example, you are killing the vegetables. If you are doing it for the Lord, then there is no reaction, but if you are cutting the vegetables to eat them yourself, if you cook for yourself, then reaction will come. It is an easy method. Srimad Bhagavad-gita (3.13) said also,

যজ্ঞশিষ্টাশিনঃ সন্তো মুচ্যন্তে সর্ব্বকিল্বিষৈঃ ।
ভুঞ্জতে তে ত্বঘং পাপা যে পচন্ত্যাত্মকারণাৎ ॥

yajna-sistasinah santo, muchyante sarva-kilbisaih
bhunjate te tv agham papa, ye pachanty atma-karanat

"By accepting sacrificial remnants of the universal gods, virtuous persons are liberated from all sins arising from violence towards other living entities. But those who prepare food for their own pleasure partake only of sin."

Krishna says, "If you eat or use something without giving it to Me, it means you are stealing My property and you are eating sin. I created everything in this world for Myself, not for you. If you think you are the proprietor, that you are the enjoyer (bhogi), that is incorrect." Your wife is also Krishna's property, Krishna's dasi (servant)—if you enjoy with her, that is also wrong.

Question: But this is difficult to understand for the society, because if people see us robbing bank, then they will think bad about us.

I know one man who is a member of the parliament now in Mursidabad district. He was my friend before and now also he helps the temple sometimes. He is a good man, the leader in the area, and everybody knows him in India. His age is fifty-five now.

He got some karma. He had only one daughter—he is a big rich man, a member of the parliament, but his daughter was mixing with his driver, a low person, and he could not tolerate that. When he found out about this, he chastised her, "What are you doing? This is not our culture! I am a member of the parliament, everybody knows me in India, and you are my only daughter! I will get you a well-educated good husband, you yourself are well-education, but what are you doing?!" He chastised her very much that night, and next day the girl committed suicide—jumped from a roof of a building.

I went talk to him for a few minutes, and he said, "Maharaj, what can I do? It is my karma. I did some bad karma before and I now have got some reaction..." He told me that some time in his past he had robbed a bank, he was a big dacoit, but what did he do with the money he stole? He gave it to those who needed it. For example, somebody's relative died and they did not have money for cremation, or somebody could not arrange their daughter's wedding ceremony because they had no money—he gave some money to such poor people, to the old people. This is how he used the stolen money. At some time, a court case came against him, he spent perhaps two-three months in jail, but he came out—the judge gave him bail and released him because he had not used the stolen money for his own purpose.

In this way Krishna also gives some kind of bail to you. If you use His property for yourself, a reaction will come, but if you use His property and His things for your Gurudev, for Krishna, the Lord, then no reaction comes (worshiping the Ganges with the Ganges water). Tad vastu tadiya sevaya: His things are for His service.


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