My Great Fortune and Hope

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Vyasa Puja day
28 September 2011, part 1


I have got a good chance today—all devotees are giving their mercy to me today, I have got so many phone calls. Devotees are always giving me mercy, they are always with Gurudev and they want to follow Gurudev's line. I am also praying today to all the devotees all over the world—I want to serve them, I want to serve Gurudev's devotees, and I want Guru Maharaj's line, Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur's line to be always with them. Gurudev said: wherever you live, whatever place you stay at, you can maintain your Krishna consciousness, your practising life.

Today we have got this fortune. I am here with all the devotees today, we have been speaking Hari-katha all day from the morning. Preaching movement is our life, and the preaching movement of Chaitanya Saraswat Math is always going on all over the world. Gurudev told me, "You will carry Chaitanya Saraswat Math's flag!" and I am trying my best. All of Gurudev's friends are always with me, they are helping me so much to preach. Now there is a bad situation, so much disturbance is going on after Gurudev's disappearance. Some disturbance started in Gurudev's time, but after his disappearance so many problems have come but still we are continuing our service, and the devotees all over the world are trying to help the Mission, they are doing their service.

I spoke to the devotees in London today, so many devotees happily came there for the festival. I have also just spoken to devotees in Thailand, they are also making a festival. A festival means Vaishnav seva—giving some Hari-katha and doing Vaishnav seva are the main things.

I want to do service on this day, that is why I think today is the best day for me because today this best opportunity has come to me and I can do some service. When we do something, we must do it happily. For this reason, I am telling all the devotees: somebody may not like me, but this is not a problem. Serve my Gurudev, love my Gurudev, love his Mission. If I have made some offence, I always ask devotees to please forgive my offence. We are all the same family (Gurudev's family), we are all in the same boat where Gurudev is the captain. We are taking this boat to our home destination together, and our destination is not getting Krishna, our destination is to make our Gurudev happy. That is our main destination— to make our Gurudev happy. This is our happiness.

Many devotees from all over the world have called me today... I have no qualification, but they accept Gurudev's word—they accept what Gurudev had told them. Gurudev has left you all for me... I am a fallen soul, Gurudev has left me also, but you must accept me. Sometimes I cannot adjust with you, I am not humble, I have no tolerance, but now they are making so much disturbance and I am becoming tolerant, patience is coming to me. We must try to do everything properly.

Actually I do not know when my birth day is, but Gurudev told me, "This is your birth day," and that is why devotees celebrate this day. And celebrating means what? Celebrating means devotees are giving mercy to me on this day and I am becoming indebted to them. I always pray to all devotees, "I will serve you until my death." I am not going anywhere—even if I go to jail, it is not a problem, I can serve you from there too. Devotees are always with me, devotees always keep me in their heart, and that is my great fortune, great hope. That is my great pleasure today.

For the time being some problems can come, but Gurudev told me, "You will take over, and Krishna will solve the problems." Gurudev will solve the problems, no doubt...

I am praying to all the devotees: even if somebody does not like me, you must still keep connection with them, give them love and affection. They can reject me, but I cannot reject them because they are Gurudev's devotees. If somebody has love for Gurudev, I will serve them. Even if they hate me, it is not a problem—as long as they love devotees, love my Guru, love Gurudev's mission, I am very happy with them—they can hate me, it is not a problem. This is always my wish and desire.

So, I am giving this message to all devotees in charge of the temple in all countries: keep connection with the devotees in your country. Always keep in touch by phone, by messages, always invite them to come and associate. The illusory environment is very powerful, that is why I am asking devotees to please always keep good connection with each other.




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