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Delhi: Fulfil Gurudev's Desire

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking online to the devotees in Delhi
16 October 2011, part 4


[Addressing one of the devotees:] You are growing a beard now? Do you want to be a yogi and go to Haridwar?

Devotee: He is already a babaji, Maharaj! You can give him sannyas and keep him here in Delhi!

No, no, I do not want to give him sannyas. He can do service without sannyas, it is not necessary for him to wear a sannyasi's dress. He can do service as he is now, that is good.

You know, one time Prabhupad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur gave Sripad Bhakti Prajnan Keshav Maharaj (at that time his name was Vinod Bihari Brahmachari) charge of all the land in Mayapur—he had to manage the land cultivation, protect the land, etc. He was like a zamindar, or a landlord there. Because he wore saffron clothes at that time, he could not chastise or beat the bad men in that area. So, he came to Prabhupad and asked him, "Prabhupad, you are giving this service to me, but if you keep my saffron colour, I cannot do this service because everybody will say, 'Oh, this sadhu is bad, he swears and beats people with a stick!'" Prabhupad said, "OK, you can leave your saffron colour. You can use only a white dhoti and a kurta." This is how Bhakti Prajnan Keshav Maharaj did that service. He was the manager of the Chaitanya Math in Prabhupad's times. He got permission from Prabhupad to take off his saffron clothes because he had to take care of the land (which meant sometimes capturing and dealing with so many gundas and dacoits in the area), so he would not be able to maintain his saffron colour...

So, he is doing so much service here and there, going outside for service, etc. If we give him saffron and make him a sannyasi, he will have to always sit in the house—I do not want that. I want to use him to fulfil Gurudev's desire!

[The devotees who His Divine Grace is talking about:] Yes!

But I want to see this desire fulfilled in my lifetime. I want to make a centre in Delhi, and I am only begging for one small piece of land from him, and I will do the rest of the job. I want to make a preaching centre in Delhi as soon as possible. That is my next service.

Devotee: Definitely, Maharaj, definitely. I am looking for this land now, and maybe very soon it will be possible to arrange a flat or an apartment...

Actually, you know, a flat or an apartment is a problem because we must have place for our car and many of our people come and go... We want to have some permanent solution. If you make a temple at a temporary flat, later many people can come there and see that the address had changed, it is not good. It is difficult with a flat, I know that.

If you rent a house, it is good, but if you rent a house, you must start preaching there, buy a proper land. Somebody must see the construction and has to stay there. This is how I did it in Ekachakra.

In Ekachakra, I also at first rented three rooms for Rs 50 per day. I rented it at three-four o'clock, after that I arranged a lady worker to clean the rooms (two rooms for living and one room for the kitchen). Then I went to the market, bought the bedding, bought the kitchen utensils, vegetables, rice. In the evening we did the kirtan, I cooked and five-six of us took prasadam there. I rented the place in the afternoon and in the evening we already started the temple. This is how the Ekachakra temple started.

My life is like this—if I do something, I do it now. This is how I did the temple in Ekachakra—all houses in Ekachakra were made of mud, but Krishna and Nityananda Prabhu arranged for us a rented house. Within one year I finished the guest house building and we moved everything, all things, there.

So, you can rent a house, but as I told you, find some land and we must immediately start the construction. You can rent a house, you can buy a flat, it is not a problem, but we must start the construction at once, then we can finish it within a year easily. That would be good. Srila Sridhar Maharaj said, "Start the fire, and wind will come!" If you do not start the fire, how will wind come? So, start the fire!


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