Service Will Take You Home

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham
28 February 2012


Others cook for their pleasure, but from today you must cook and offer bhog to the Lord. Do this, all right? Do the service of the Lord.

There is somebody (Krishna's assistant Chitragupta) who is always writing a diary for you, always writing down what service you have done. Your service will take you to your own place, nothing else, only your service can take you there. By service you can go back to the Lord's own home.

This house is not your house. Where is home? You have lost your address and I have come to take you to your own home. In the place where I have come from, the Lord is crying there for us—for us, His lost children. Here, some have come from Midnapore, some have come from Nabadwip, some have come from London, some have come from America, but we are actually all Lord's lost children, we have one father. Our Father and Mother are crying for us, "When will our child come back?" To bring His child back, the Father sends His own man (Gurudev), and when Gurudev comes, he is actually the Lord Himself who comes in the form of a Guru, he comes to take us back to our home. Just as a police officer looks for a missing person and takes them back to their home, in the same way our Gurudev, our Gurupadpadma, comes to take us back home.

We are the lost servants of the Lord, and the Lord sends His associate, His own man, to bring His servant back, "I have lost My son, please go there, bring him back!" But we eat all sorts of things here and say, "No, I will go later!" We have fallen within the bondage of maya and under the influence of this bondage we enter into more and more bondage.

...If we teach a bird to chant Hare Krishna, the bird will learn to chant Hare Krishna, but in this human body there is too much illusory environment—people cannot chant Hare Krishna no matter how many times you tell them. Such people are Krishna Nama aparadhi. Mahaprabhu says that the Holy Name does not come to the mouth of the offenders of the Holy Name.


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