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Srila Jagadananda Pandit's
Irresistible Service

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
6 April 2013, Sri Puri Dham


Jagadananda Prabhu is the dearmost, most intimate associate of Mahaprabhu; in Dvapar-yuga, he was Satyabhama.

One time Jagadananda went to Sri Govinda Prabhu, Mahaprabhu's servitor, and said, "Govinda Prabhu, you massage Mahaprabhu's feet every day, but why do you not use something for massage—why do you use only water or sometimes nothing at all? I can arrange for something..."

In Burdwan district, Bengal, there is a village called Kulin-gram. Sivananda Prabhu's and Kavikarnapurna's houses were there, and Haridas Thakur visited it too. That village is also famous for jute—to this day the rope that is used for Jagannath Ratha Yatra comes from this village.

So, Jagadananda Prabhu procured some very good fragrant oil in Kulin-gram and brought it through Sivananda Prabhu to Puri. He gave it to Govinda saying, "I am giving you this oil, from tomorrow use it to massage Mahaprabhu's feet."

The next day Mahaprabhu asked Govinda, "What is in this pot? Some smell is coming..." Govinda explained, "Prabhu, Jagadananda gave that oil for Your massage." Having heard it, Mahaprabhu became very angry. You see, Jagadananda is Satyabhama, Krishna's wife, and Mahaprabhu is nondifferent from Krishna, so Mahaprabhu said to Govinda, "I think Jagadananda longs for the previous life—he wants to have a family life with Me!" He used bad words.

Jagadananda came to Govinda the next day and asked if he had used the oil. Govinda told him what Mahaprabhu had said. When Jagadananda heard Mahaprabhu's words, he became very angry—he broke the pot with the oil and ran away to his house. When he came home, he closed the door from inside and stayed there.

Three days later Mahaprabhu asked Govinda, "What is going on? Why is Jagadananda not coming?" Govinda explained, "Prabhu, he is still inside his house. He closed his door and has not come out." Then Mahaprabhu Himself went to his house and said, "Jagadananda! I have not taken any food for three days!" (He told a little lie.) "You are such a good cook, but you have not been cooking for Me, so I have been fasting! Please, open the door! You must cook today, and I will take prasadam from your hand." Jagadananda became shy and opened the door.

He cooked a meal and Mahaprabhu said,

"Let us take prasadam together!"

"No, Prabhu, You take first, I will take later..."

"No, no, you must eat with Me! I want to see you eating."

Anyhow, Jagadananda managed to persuade Mahaprabhu to take prasadam first, but after Mahaprabhu ate, He told Govinda to stay and see whether Jagadananda ate or not.

They were very close friends...

There was another pastime also. As you remember, when Sanatan Goswami came from Vrindavan to Puri, he stayed at Haridas Thakur's place, Siddha-bakul. Once, when the Ratha Yatra was over, Sanatan Goswami said to Jagadananda Prabhu, "Prabhu, now my days here are finished... The Ratha Yatra finished and I have to go to my service place—Mahaprabhu gave me service in Vrindavan, I have to go back..." Jagadananda Prabhu said, "Yes, yes, go—go as soon as possible. Why are you delaying? The Ratha Yatra finished, so what are you waiting for? Go quickly."

Sanatan Goswami came to Mahaprabhu and, with tears in his eyes, said, "Prabhu, my time here is finished, I have to go back... My mind does not want to go, but what can I do? Even Jagadananda says I should go quickly." He did not complain but was sad. Mahaprabhu became angry, "Who is this Jagadananda?? Call him!! He is just a little boy, and you are a prominent person, a scholar, pandit! You are such an honourable person, you are My teacher, and who does he think he is?! He was born only yesterday, just a baby, and now he is giving advice to you?! How dares he teach you!" Sanatan Goswami was shy to hear Mahaprabhu chastising Jagadananda Prabhu. He said, "Prabhu, You are giving sweet to him, but You are giving bitter to me—You do not chastise me like that."

You can understand also that Satyabhama represents vamya-svabhava (বাম্য-স্বভাব). Gurudev explained its meaning in this way: when somebody has two wives, the younger wife usually has more power. Similarly, Jagadananda has so much power—Jagadananda can control Mahaprabhu. Sometimes when Jagadananda would serve prasadam to Mahaprabhu, he would give Him more and more saying, "Eat! Eat!" Mahaprabhu tried to refuse—"I cannot eat any more! I am so full..."—but Jagadananda insisted and forced Him, "No, eat! Are You practising renunciation? Eat now! Eat!" And Mahaprabhu would become afraid, "OK, I am eating, I am eating."

Rukmini is always afraid, "Oh, Krishna will leave me, Krishna will run away," but Satyabhama says, "Krishna is my property! Where will He go? I will catch Him!" These are the two natures—দক্ষিনা-স্বভাব, daksina-svabhava and বাম্য-স্বভাব, vamya-svabhav, rightist (দক্ষিনা, daksina, submissive) and leftist (বাম্য, vamya, quarrelsome).

Jagadananda Prabhu has some right over Mahaprabhu. He has a right because through his service he has captured Mahaprabhu's heart. Such is Jagadananda Prabhu...

They have known each other from childhood, and they are of similar age, maybe Jagadananda Prabhu is one or two years younger than Mahaprabhu, but from their childhood in Nabadwip they have been intimate friends.


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