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Imaginary Things

By His Divine Grace
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nrisingha-chaturdasi day,
24 May 2013, Sri Nabadwip Dham


Guru Maharaj says that once you see people from Odisha you will not be able to forget them. Recently some people came here, they stay near Gundicha Bari. I do not know why people call it "masir bari"—is this name written anywhere in the scriptures?

Devotee: Odiya people call it like this.

Nabadwip people also call it that way. When Nabadwip people call it "masir bari," you can understand it, but why do the Oriya people call it like this? It is Gundicha Devi's mandir. Jagannathdev stayed there for seven days—He did not go to a "masir bari", He went to Gundicha Devi's house. And it is not a question of only Oriya people calling it "masir bari," everybody calls it like this, but we say "Sundarachal." Jagannath goes from Nilachal to Sundarachal. That place is called Sundarachal, it is non-different from Vrindavan—gopis pull Krishna from Mathura to Vrindavan. This is the conception of Gaudiya Vaishnavs.


...You should feel pity for the souls seeing how much they suffer. Because of their suffering they come with all their material desires to Nrisinghadev. When they get a child they also come there, they make some offering. Nobody thinks about serving Nrisinghadev—everybody thinks about their material desires. They want to get something.

কৃষ্ণভক্ত—নিষ্কাম, অতএব 'শান্ত' ।
ভুক্তি-মুক্তি-সিদ্ধি-কামী—সকলি 'অশান্ত' ॥

krsna-bhakta—niskama, ataeva 'santa'
bhukti-mukti-siddhi-kami—sakali 'asanta'

"A devotee of Krishna has no desires and is always peaceful. Those who have material desires, desire for liberation or desire for some perfection are always lusty and never know any peace."

(Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, 19.149)

Nobody understands this...

Jaya Srila Gurudev, jaya Srila Prahlad Maharaj ki jay, Bhagavan Nrisinghadev ki jay. Suddha-bhaktir vighna vinas kari Nrisninghadev ki jay!


Oh, a new guest has come! Amavasyar chand (অমাবস্যার চাঁদ). Do you understand the meaning of "amavasyar chand"? Do you understand the meaning of "dumurer phul" (ডুমুরের ফুল)? They say, "My friend, you have become amavasyar chand—I am surprised to see you!" Amavasya means dark moon night. Can you see the moon (chand) on a dark moon night (amavasya)? You cannot. Dumur is a fig tree, a favourite fruit of Param Guru Maharaj. Every tree first has a flower, then fruit (like a mango tree, for example, it first has flowers, then fruit), but the fig tree never has flowers—only fruit. So, just as there is no moon on a dark moon day, there is no flowers on a fig tree. Can the moon appear on a dark moon night? These are imaginary things. So, "O my friend, you have become amavasyar chand" means, "I never see you these days."

"Amar rati-mati hala na re..." ["I have got no love and attachment," from the song "Hari hari! viphale janama gonainu"]


Hiranyakasipu sent Prahlad Maharaj to two teachers. What are these two teachers' names? [Silence.]

If you do not wake up for mangal arati, I will send somebody to teach you—they will tie you by your sikha with a rope! My father did that to me. It would be already midnight, 12 o'clock at night, and I felt very sleepy, but he would take my hair and tie it with a rope to something. My grandmother told her son (my father), "He is just a small boy, let him go. It is already 12 o'clock, he must go to bed." This is how he taught me to study... If you always read and study a lot, then your memory will always be sharp...

The names of the two teachers of Prahlad Maharaj are Sanda and Amarka, the two sons of Sukracharya. They taught him everything. What kind of knowledge did they teach him? Sama, dana, danda, bheda (how to pacify, give money in charity, punish, and divide). They taught him these four types of knowledge, but he listened to none of it—he did not accept their teaching. He learnt what he knew from his mother's womb: "sravanam, kirtanam, smaranam, vandanam, dasyam, sakhyam, atma-nivedanam" (hearing, chanting, remembering, offering obeisance, engaging in service as a servitor, as a friend, and self-submission).


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