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God Proposes—God Disposes

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
6 December 2014, Bengali class, part 6


Everything happens by the wish of Gurudev—by his wish so many centres have opened all over the world. Mahaprabhu's conception is preached everywhere...

Recently, a new centre has opened in London. Gurudev's desire has been fulfilled. There was little place before, it was not sufficient for two-three hundred people, but now there is much place. Also, it was Gurudev's desire to have a centre near the airport, and his desire has been fulfilled.

Everybody was very anxious during the Deity inauguration time. I did not think anything, I was not anxious at all. I told the devotees that everything would happen according to Gurudev's desire and everything would go smoothly. There was some disagreement among the devotees and in the end they said I had to make the decision—it is like they had put a gun to my shoulder and the trigger was in their hands. I understood what was happening and I said to Gurudev, "I have no power and I have no problem—it is your problem, Gurudev, and you will solve it." Everything was resolved and went smooth.

The same thing happened at the inauguration time in Bamunpara also—they did not want to give Radha Gopinath Deities to us. The day before, Gurudev took prasadam in the evening at 8:30 p.m. and called me,

"Have you taken prasadam?" he asked me.

"No, I haven't."

"Take prasadam and then I one service for you, you must go out."

"I am not thinking about prasadam, tell me what I must do," I said to Gurudev.

"You must go Bamunpara now and take the Deities at night. They are waiting for you there. They are very hungry and They are crying. You must go there and take the Deities to the temple, offer Them some bhog and take prasadam."

It was Gurudev's appearance day, and I left as soon as the class in the nat mandir finished at 9:30 p.m. I took a car and went to Bamunpara, Gurudev's birthplace, at night time. There, we took the Deities (I took Radharani in my arms and one more devotee took Gopinath), and we walked to our temple in Bamunpara. Because it was night time and everything happened so suddenly, they could not gather the village people, everybody was sleeping. When we brought the Deities to our temple, we offered some bhog to Them. This is how They came.

The Lord arranges His own service Himself. When I just came here, there were only two temples, the main mandir and Param Guru Maharaj's samadhi, and now everybody says there are no servitors, but the Deity worship is running now in seven temples (Gurudev's samadhi, Land of Nectar, two temples at Govinda Kunda, and also the bus Deities), and all are running properly. How many centres have been opened in recent years? Class, kirtan and Deity worship is going on in each of them.

The Lord's service can never be stopped. If somebody thinks, "The temple cannot run without me!" that is their mistake, that is their ego. If somebody has such ego, it is their own problem and misconception. Deities arrange Their service Themselves. Krishna arranges His service Himself, we have no hand there. Anyhow seva and puja are running, and no one can stop it if it is going on properly (sraddhaya sri-murtira sevan). If somebody is disturbing, if somebody is making offence, that is their own problem—they will suffer for that. Nityananda Prabhu is very merciful, He is tolerating and tolerating, but in the end Mahaprabhu can bring His Sudarshan—by mistake. Then everybody will run away... One time Mahaprabhu has already brought Sudarshan, "by mistake"—for Jagai and Madhai. Who can say that He will not bring it again next time?


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