Real Beauty

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, India
10 March 2016


[His Divine Grace's phone rings.]

—Nice ringtone.

It is sound... People are attracted to dyuti (splendour), rupa (form), rasa (taste), gandha (scent), sabda (sound), sparsa (tactile experience), but you will get everything—great beauty, great enjoyment, and so on—in Goloka Vrindavan. Rupa Goswami writes about this in his Vidagda-Madhava. These are very high level things.

In the material life, when a husband and a wife live together and have their conjugal life, they do some enjoyment for five-ten minutes, but you will get that kind of enjoyment eternally in Goloka Vrindavan.

In this material world we always run after beauty, smell, sound, and so on (just as you have said now, "Very good sound"), but if you see Krishna's beauty, you will forget everything. Even Lord Siva ran away leaving Parvati when Krishna showed His beauty.

Lord Siva is a big sadhu, he has big jata (dreadlocks), a big-big beard, a snake, but when Krishna became a beautiful woman and was playing with a ball in His hands, juggling it, "Ping-pong, ping-pong", Lord Siva became attracted by Her. The girl started running, and Lord Siva ran after Her. Parvati tried to stop him, "I am your wife! I am your actual wife! Why you are running after that girl?" But Lord Siva only brushed her off. He ran after the girl and, when he finally embraced Her, the girl became Lord Krishna—this is Hari-Hara. We tell this story at the Hari-Hara ksetra when we do Sri Nabadwip Dham parikrama.

So, even Lord Siva cannot control himself...


Sri Hari-Hara Deity.


— : • : —




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Love Your Service
'Those of you who have some service, do not leave it! You get service by fortune, remember it—your mercy, your connection with mercy is there. Your mind always disturbs you, but you must not leave your service.'


Namo namah tulasi maharani
'By seeing or touching you, O Tulasi, all sins are destroyed. Your glories are sung in the Vedas and Puranas.'
নমো নমঃ তুলসী মহারাণি

'Give me some power, some energy, some devotional activities, some devotion
so that I can serve your lotus feet until death.' That is our only hope and prayer
to the Guru. Nothing else.