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Supreme Desire of Supreme Lord

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Bengali/English lecture on Sri Vyasa Puja Day
29 September 2019, Tarakeswar, part 9


There is one example of how one attains perfection through the service to one's Guru. There is one devotee of Prabhupad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur who was always firmed fixed in his service—he always served his guru. How did he get perfection? He tricked maya, bypassed death and managed to get all perfection from the Lord, i.e. he reached the Lord. There are many brahmacharis and sannyasis wearing saffron clothes, but although that devotee was white-clad he was higher than all the sannyasis. Not all, but many sannyasis have ego—when people pay obeisance to them, they stretch out their legs to let people touch them. White-clad devotees consider themselves low, but sannyasis consider themselves more important.

We think, "I have been chanting 300,000 Holy Names for thirty years," but we chant the Holy Name being covered by anarathas, that is why we have not been able to progress much down the path of spiritual life.

[There was one sannyasi in our Math who said, "How many Holy Name does Govinda Maharaj chant? I chant more than he! I chant one lakh Holy Names every day, but Govinda Maharaj cannot!" Srila Sridhar Maharaj and Srila Gurudev said, "This is not Harinam, this is finger exercise!"]

So, some think they have been chanting the Holy Name for thirty years and they get no result, but it is said that if you sincerely, without duplicity serve your Guru for twenty-five years, you can progress much further spiritually. You cannot get such result even by chanting thousands of Holy Names because you are covered by anarthas. However, service to the Guru removes all anarthas (unwanted, bad habits) and bestows all perfections. And this applies to everyone—be it a vanaprastha, a grihastha, be it a white-clad or a saffron-clad devotee. There is no difference. The more one can serve their Guru, the bigger one is.

Another thing is Gurudever-samsari (গুরুদেবের সংসারী, Gurudev's family). What is Gurudev's family? It is the family of Krishna, or Vaikuntha. His family knows no want. If you want to get relief from the harassment of Maya, the Lord can rescue you and bring you to His family. How much do you want? Ten-twenty rupees? A hundred rupees? You want more and more, but how much can you enjoy? You want to enjoy so much, but the Lord wants to enjoy with you all together and His desire is millions times stronger. That is why the Lord sends His associates to this world who come to engage you in the service of Lord and send You back to the Lord.

Devotees: Nitai Gaura Hari bol!

The Lord Himself says that He wants to enjoy together with everyone. He is the enjoyer. We are not enjoyers. We sit here amidst illusion and think, "I want more," "I want more." You think you have given five rupees to the Guru, but where did you get those five rupees from? You have got it from the Lord. So, this is worshipping the Ganges with the Ganges water. So, how much can you actually enjoy? How much is your capacity to enjoy? How much can you eat with just one mouth? The Lord has millions of mouths. How much can you see with your eyes? The Lord has millions of eyes. How much can you hear with these ears? The Lord has millions of ears. How far can you walk on these two legs? I told you yesterday also—the Lord can eat even with His legs, with His hands, with His mouth, with His ears, with His nose, with His eyes also—the Lord can take food with all and any of His senses. What does He want? He wants all those who have taken human birth in this universe to come to Him and re-connect with Him. This is the Lord's desire.



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