Before Too Late

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh (Nama-hatta)
4 January 2020, part 3


Your son, daughter, husband, wife, everybody is always disturbing you—they do not follow the proper way, they do not listen to you. Instead, they only give so much trouble to you. Even if you give much love and affection to your children, to your family, but how much do they love you? They will still leave you, they will reject you.

You have got this human body from the Lord. The Lord gives everything to you—you eat fruit, you eat dal, subji, rice, chutney, you drink water, you breathe air, etc. Whatever you take or use, everything comes from the Lord, but the problem is that we only know to take His things, and we never give anything to Him. We are always increasing our debt. Each and every day we live in this world we kill millions and millions of jiva souls—you can imagine how much sin we do every day. Even when you drink some water, there are so many bacteria inside, and you kill all that bacteria. We kill so many insects, so many bacteria, and we do not think how much sin we do every day. But you have joined Krishna's family, you have become a member of Krishna's family, then whatever you cook, whatever you do, you must offer everything to the Lord, then all that sin will be removed. Everybody should do this.

When you have teeth, you have to brush your teeth, you have to protect and take care of your teeth; and what your teeth are gone, you will have a big problem—you will not be able to eat properly. In a similar way, when you have a guru, the guru gives everything to you, but when you reject him, when you do not follow his instruction, then when your teeth finish you will understand, "Oh, why did I not take care of my teeth earlier?" When the opportunity runs away from you, then you will repent and think, "What have I done?"

You must understand these things in this life very clearly.



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