Be in Good Association and
Be Good Association

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 10 May 2020, part 5


Question: How can we know if we are in good association or in bad association?

If somebody is always gossiping, telling nonsense things, telling bad things, always talking about things that are not related to Krishna consciousness, if somebody has some bad intention, then their association is not good. You can easily understand it.

Sometimes, we may stay with a mosquito, but we must be careful and see if this mosquito will bite us or not. You must be careful. Sometimes, we are staying with some bad association, sometimes we may live together, but we must ignore and avoid such kind of association. Sometimes, we may live in a temple with such people, or, sometimes, many householder devotees also live with their parents or family who do not practise or follow devotional activities, who do not accept it when somebody practises devotional activities—sometimes, we have to stay with them, but we should not associate with them, just as we may stay with a mosquito but we do not associate with that mosquito, we just live next to it.

Are there any other questions from anybody?

Question: How should I see my mother?

A mother is a mother. If you think about Mother Yasoda and Mother Sachi Devi, that is good for you. You may pray to the Lord that He may come to your womb in your next life, and Krishna may give you His mercy like He gave His mercy to Mother Yasoda and Mother Sachi. Another thing is that when some big personality comes, they become very proud, but Mother Yasoda always thinks about Gopal—she can chastise the Lord, she can beat the Lord. Who has this kind of fortune? Who has this kind of good luck? Only Mother Yasoda, Sachi Mata have got this kind of opportunity.

A proper mother must always think about her children and make sure her children always get proper guidance, proper teaching of Krishna consciousness from their parents (from the father or the mother). Sometimes, when the baby is young, they go to the arati, play the karatals, play the mridanga, but after that they mix with some bad association, leave their Krishna consciousness and become demons. It happens very often in this age of Kali. Sometimes, children think, "Oh, my mother does not give me this, does not give me that!"—children want to eat meat, but their mother does not give it to them, and children do not understand that their mother does good for them. So, it is necessary to be a proper mother—to be a mother like Yasoda, a mother like Sachi Mata, not a mother like Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi is also a mother, but Kaikeyi said, "My son will be the king, and Rama will go to the forest!" This kind of mother is not good. This is a jealous mother...



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