Tue, 1 August 2017:
Devotional Prudence
"Sometimes we go out, we go here and there and everywhere. Our mind is very naughty, but we have some sumedha, subuddhi, so we must think, 'How should I spend the rest of my life?'"
Download the audio (0.4 Mb, 1 min | 29 July 2012)


Wed, 2 August 2017:
Love for the Temple
"Many people come—some are bad, some are good—we must run with them. We do not want to reject them, we must run the centre—anyhow we must try and try, heart and soul. If we try for the Guru, Vaishnavs and Bhagavan, they will look after us."
Download the audio (1.6 Mb, 5 min | 29 July 2012)


Thu, 3 August 2017: (Sri Pavitraropani Ekadasi, start of Sri Hari Smaran month)
Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhu (1)
"Tomorrow is Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhu's and Srila Gauridas Pandit's disappearance day. We want to say something about them because our Guru Maharaj Srila Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj and our Gurupadpadma are Rupanuga-dhara—they are holding Srila Rupa Goswami's flag."
Download the audio (1.4 Mb, 4 min | 29 July 2012)

Srimad Rupa-pada-rajah Prarthana Dasakam
"Srila Rupa Goswami is the mine of the most precious treasure, the leader of the associates of Lord Chaitanya. Despite my lowliness, when will—disregarding all my various qualifications and disqualifications—Srimad Rupa Prabhu grace me with the dust of his holy lotus feet?"


Sri Ekadasi Guidance
Guidelines on how to observe and honour this holy day: Ekadasi takes an indispensible part in the life of a sincere practitioner. At Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, Ekadasi and paran are observed with affection and without fail according to the dates given in the Calendar.

"Sri Ekadasi" (Sri Sri Prema Vivarta)
"One day, Gaurahari left the Gundicha Temple and sat in the Jagannath Vallabha garden. It was pure Ekadasi, and the Lord spent the whole day and night chanting the Name of Krishna..."

SONG: Suddha-bhakata | শুদ্ধ ভকত-চরণ-রেণু
"I carefully observe the holy days related to Madhava, they are the mother of devotion."

SONG: Sri hari-vasare | শ্রীহরি-বাসরে হরি
"On the holy day of Sri Hari, Sriman Mahaprabhu, the life and soul of the universe, began dancing..."


"Observing Ekadasi" (by Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj)
"Ekadasi Vrata: Make Your Guru Happy" (by Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj)
"No Other Shelter" (by Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj)
"Mahadvadasi" (by Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj)
"Ekadasi and liberation" (by Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj)
"Ekadasi Tithi: One of the Practices" (by Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj)


Sri Hari Smaran Month starts today. Coming festivals:
4 August (Fri): Disappearance of Srila Rupa Goswami and Srila Gauri Das Pandit Goswami.
7 August (Mon): Appearance of Sri Baladev.
15 August (Tue): Sri Sri Krishna Janmashtami.
16 August (Wed): Sri Nandotsav. Appearance of Srila Srimad Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj Prabhupad.
28 August (Mon): Sri Lalita Saptami.
29 August (Tue): Sri Radhashtami.
3 September (Sun): Appearance of Sri Vamanadev and Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu.
4 September (Mon): Appearance of Srila Sachchidananda Bhakti Vinod Thakur.
5 September (Tue): Disappearance of Srila Haridas Thakur.
6 September (Wed): Vishvarup Mahotsav. End of month-long festival at Nabadwip, Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math.



Fri, 4 August 2017: (Disappearance of Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhu, Srila Gauridas Pandit)
Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhu (2)
"We must all pray to Srila Rupa Goswami, 'Prabhu, wherever you are staying now, please forgive our offences. Please engage us to serve your servant, please tolerate us. Prabhu, please accept us as a dog at your lotus feet!'"
Download the audio (1.3 Mb, 4 min | 29 July 2012)

Srimad Rupa-Goswami-Prabhura Sochaka
শ্রীমদ্রূপগোস্বামি-প্রভুর শোচক
"O my very goal of life, Sri Rupa Goswami! He is extremely merciful, an ocean of great qualities. Whoever gets his mercy, gets the feet of Chaitanya and attains Radha and Krishna in Vraja Dham (Vrindavan). His nature is such that he gave mercy to the worst, most sinful, fallen, miserable souls. How much more can one mouth possibly say? Please accept me! May I always, at every moment, remember your lotus feet—please hear this prayer of mine!"

Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhu
"He is actually an associate of Mahaprabhu. Before that, in Dvapara yuga, he was an associate of Krishna, and Krishna Himself sent him to teach us, the fallen souls. On his disappearance day we can ask him for some mercy so that we can continue our service to the Lord."
or Download the audio (2.9 Mb, 9 min | 18 August 2013)

Rupa Sanatan: First Encounter
"Rupa and Sanatan stayed in Ramkeli-gram in Malda district, Gauda Mandal and worked for the emperor Hussein Shah. They heard that somebody tried to start kirtan, and, understanding that it had to be Mahaprabhu, they went to meet with Him."
Download the audio (2 Mb, 6 min | 13 June 2015)

Service Subordination
"We start service by the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu, by the mercy of Radharani. Without Their mercy we cannot do anything. One day, Sanatan Goswami came to Rupa Goswami. He asked him, 'For so many days I have not taken sweet rice..."
Download (1.7 Mb, 5 min | 21 September 2009)

Dignity of the Divine Servitor: Descent of Knowledge
"When in Vrindavana, Rupa Goswami wanted to offer his Guru, Sanatan Goswami, some sweet-rice. He thought, 'My Gurudeva likes sweet-rice. If I can secure some milk, sugar, raisins, nuts, etc., I shall be able to make some sweet-rice, offer it to Krishna, and then to my Gurudeva.' A little later, a young girl, perhaps twelve or fourteen years of age, came to Rupa Goswami's bhajan-kutir in Kadam Kandi..."

Sri Rupa-Sanatan Sikha (EPUB file, 0.5 Mb)
"Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita: Sri Rupa-Satana Sikha, read and expounded by His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj." An electronic version of the published previously online matter available now for download, reading and worshipping on phones, tablets, eBook readers, etc.

At Gauri Das Pandit's House
"Gauri Das Pandit was a grihastha devotee who lived in Kalna. His brother was the father of Jahnava and Vasudha. Once, Mahaprabhu and Nityananda Prabhu came to Kalna by boat and decided to visit Gauri Das Pandit's house..."
Download the audio (2.5 Mb, 8 min)

Srila Gauri Das Pandit's Gaura Nitai
The story of how Srila Gauri Das Pandit's Deities manifested Themselves at his house in Kalna.
Download the audio (1 Mb, 3 min)


SONG: Sri Sad-Goswamy-Astakam | শ্রীশ্রীষড়্­গোস্বাম্যষ্টকম্
Download the audio (4.5 Mb)

"I offer my respectful obeisances unto the Six Goswamis, namely Sri Rupa Goswami, Sri Sanatan Goswami, Sri Raghunath Bhatta Goswami, Sri Raghunath Das Goswami, Sri Jiva Goswami, and Sri Gopala Bhatta Goswami, who are always engaged in chanting the Holy Name of Krishna and dancing. They are just like the ocean of love of God, and they are popular both with the gentle and with the ruffians, because they are not envious of anyone. Whatever they do, they are all-pleasing to everyone, and they are fully blessed by Lord Chaitanya. Thus they are engaged in missionary activities meant to deliver all the conditioned souls in the material universe."


SONG: Sri Guru Parampara | শ্রীগুরুপরম্পরা
"Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is nondifferent from Sri Sri Radha-Krsna and is the very life of Sri Rupa's followers. Srila Svarup Damodar Goswami, Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhu, and Srila Sanatan Goswami Prabhu are dear to Visvambhar."

SONG: Ei-bara karuna kara | এইবার করুণা কর
"O worshippable Vaisnava, be merciful to me this time. O saviour of the fallen, without you there is no one. If anyone comes to you, their sins go away."

SONG: Vaisnava thakura dayara sagara | বৈষ্ণব ঠাকুর দয়ার সাগর
"O worshippable Vaishnav, ocean of grace, be merciful to this servant. Give me the shade of your feet and purify me. I clasp your feet. Mercifully give me a drop of faith and bestow upon me the wealth of Krishna's Name."

SONG: Ki-rupe paiba seva | কিরূপে পাইব সেবা
"I am so wicked, how will I ever get service? I do not have any attachment to Sri Guru and Vaishnavs! It is not possible to conquer maya by engaging in maya. I see no other way to get relief except for the mercy of sadhus."

SONG: Ye anila prema dhana | যে আনিল প্রেমধন
"I will break my head on a rock, I will enter into fire. Not finding the association of Sri Gauranga, who performed His Pastimes with all these associates, Narottam Das weeps."

SONG: Sri Rupa-manjari-pada | শ্রীরূপমঞ্জরী-পদ
"The lotus feet of Sri Rupa Manjari are my wealth, my bhajan (service), my puja (worship), the wealth of my life, and whatever ornaments I may have. Her lotus feet are the very life of my life."


Sat, 5 August 2017:
Life Values
"In this life people work for themselves and for their family maintenance from birth to death, they do not get time to even come to the temple to pay dandavat. Krishna gave this human body only for service, so if you can spend minimum 50% of this life on service, that will be good for your next life."
Download the audio (1.6 Mb, 5 min | 29 July 2012)


Sun, 6 August 2017:
Malini Devi and Vishvarup
"The name Srivas Pandit's wife is Malini Devi. You know, one time Malini chastised Srivas Pandit. Once, Vishvarup Prabhu, Nimai's elder brother, came to their house to ask Srivas Pandit for help..."
Download the audio (1 Mb, 3 min | 29 July 2012)



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Mon, 7 August 2017: (The holy appearance of Lord Baladev, fast until noon)
Baladev Purnima: Double Festival in Russia
"Today, everybody is celebrating Sri Sri Baladev Prabhu's appearance day everywhere. Today is also the Deities' installation day in Saint Petersburg temple, our main centre in Russia. Even Madhavendra Puri showed us how important it is to serve the Deities..."
Download the audio (1.6 Mb, 5 min | 13 August 2011)


sphurad-amala-kiritam kinkini-kankanarham
chalad-alaka-kapolam kundala-sri-mukhabjam
tuhina-giri-manojnam nila-meghambaradhyam
hala-musala-visalam kama-palam samide
"He is adorned with a shining spotless crown, bangles, and ankle bells; His curly hair plays on His lotus cheeks, and earrings embellish the beauty of His lotus face; dressed in fine clothes of rich blue colour like that of a cloud, He is as captivating as a snow-capped mountain; He is also carrying a great plough and a club. This Balaram—One who fulfils all desires—do I offer my prayers to."

Baladev Purnima: A Special Day
"In India, some devotees are worshipping Radha-Krishna's Jhulan Yatra today, but we are making a programme for Baladev, who is nondifferent from Gurudev and Nityananda Prabhu. This is our line, the line of Rupanuga Guru-varga."
Download the audio (3.7 Mb, 11 min)

Devotion Conquers—Ego Repels
Lord Balaram, Kaliya-daman Lila, Saubhari Muni, Sudama Vipra, the sun, a vessel, a drum, a pig, and a drop of water—all these are woven together to guide us towards perfect devotion.
Download the audio (10.4 Mb, 30 min)

Asraya Vigraha Sri Baladev
"Without the shelter of Nityananda Prabhu, without the shelter of Baladev Prabhu, we cannot think about Krishna. We must understand how to serve, how to give nourishment to Baladev."
Download the audio (3.5 Mb, 11 min)

SONG: Sri Dasa-Avatara-Stotram | দশাবতারস্তোত্রম্
"O Lord of the universe! You have assumed the form of Balaram! All glory to You! On Your white body You wear garments the colour of clouds and the color of the River Yamuna when she is frightened by the striking of Your plough."

শ্রীআশ্রয়বিগ্রহ-শ্রীবলদেবের মহিমা
ওঁ বিষ্ণুপাদ শ্রী শ্রীল ভক্তি নির্ম্মল আচার্য্য মহারাজের হরি-কথামৃত: শ্রীআশ্রয়বিগ্রহ-শ্রীবলদেবের মহিমা আর শ্রীগুরুচরণ-সেবের অর্থ: শিষ্যের জীবন আর একমাত্র প্রবৃত্তি; এবং শ্রীল ভক্তিবিনদ ঠাকুরের শরণাগতির ১৯ গান "সর্ব্বস্ব তোমার চরণে সঁপিয়া".
অডিও ডাউনলোড (35 Mb)


Tue, 8 August 2017:
Manage and Maintain
"Our life is like this—devotees always serve, always engage in preaching movement, with sadhu-sanga and Nama-sankirtan. Always do Harinam sankirtan in the street. If we try, we can manage everything, it is not a problem."
Download the audio (1 Mb, 3 min | 29 July 2012)


Wed, 9 August 2017:
Gauri Das Pandit's Pastimes
"Gauri Das Pandit is also a dearmost devotee of Nityananda Prabhu and a dearmost devotee of Mahaprabhu. You know that one time Nityananda Prabhu and Mahaprabhu went to Kalna, the area where Gauri Das Pandit lived..."
Download the audio (2.5 Mb, 7 min | 29 July 2012)


Thu, 10 August 2017:
Mercy Is Above Justice
"Gurudev is merciful, but it does not mean that one more chance will come to everybody. Mercy is above justice, but not for everybody. The Guru can say, 'Come back to the temple,' but it does not mean you will think, 'OK, I can make the same offence again!'"
Download the audio (2.8 Mb, 8 min | 29 July 2012)



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Hampering or Hankering?
Are you hampering your spiritual life with position, ego, tiredness, and pride, or hankering to proceed? Heed the words of Sri Gurudev: 'For as long as you have life in this body you must continue your practitioner's life! That is the most important thing for us in our life.'


Sri Sri Prema-Vivarta
“Give up attachment to material activity and endeavours based on knowledge and yoga. Avoid 'monkey renunciation', in which there is only bodily enjoyment.”

Every time we make a festival we call devotees because we want to present Gurudev's
conception—the jiva souls are suffering, and it is our duty to give them some relief.