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Triumph of Sankirtan Movement

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham
28 November 2010


Some devotees are not getting proper guidance, a proper guardian, a proper instructor, that is why they are not getting so much happiness. It is necessary to have a proper guardian, proper guidance and proper nourishment, then they can come out of the illusory environment. Illusory environment is very strong, and when somebody lives in a family life and enjoys life, it is not so easy to come out of that kind of environment. It is necessary to have some sukriti, it is necessary to have some strongest faith, to have some good foundation. Many things are necessary, but they are not getting them. Through practising and proper guidance they can get a chance to come out. Some preach, but after that they go and sit in one place and they do not have any interest. That is why it is so necessary to have a proper guardian and have desire, interest.

If there is proper practice and proper preaching, you will see the result. You saw yesterday that all groups of the country were together. They wanted to separate, but I told them, "It is not a good idea. What is your goal? Everybody's goal is serve to Gurudev's mission, then why are you going to make one-man-one-ashram?" Now they are all together and I told them all leaders should come together. You can make many preaching centres because the country is big, but when we make a preaching centre, what is our thinking? What is our ultimate goal? What is our destination? To serve Gurudev's mission.

Problems come when somebody wants some position, wants some post. As I told them, I joined the temple in 1992 and only in 2000 I became the secretary, but before that, from 1992 to 2000 I was not even a member of the temple, I was only a simple servitor, but I worked as a manager, as a servitor, and did everything I was asked to do. If somebody wants to serve, it is not necessary to have a position, no post is necessary. The post comes automatically.

Actually, I wanted to make an international preaching group, but I want to have a strong group. I do not want an old sannyasi to go to some country, get much opulent prasadam, sit in one place and watch TV—going one time to the class and finished. I do not want that kind of man, you know that. The preaching group should always work with the whole country. If I send somebody to some place for one-two weeks, devotees will pay for the ticket, but they will only go there and sit and expect opulent prasadam, and when some time the prasadam is late, they become angry. I do not want that kind of man, I cannot tolerate that.

This is our mission, this is our temple, and they are our children. They can sometimes do something wrong, but you must maintain and manage it. These are our own groups, why will you complain and who will you complain to? This is your mission and you must manage and harmonise everything. This is the kind of group I want. If they preach together, do sankirtan programme, if they cook, do everything and join all activities, together, then I am very happy. That is the kind of group that is necessary.

Some say, "Oh, this country does not want me..." What is this? I must find out myself why some country does not want me, I must find out what my fault is. They are not guilty, I am guilty, and I must ask myself what my fault is.

This group can be four-five people who can do something, not just talk. To say is easy, to do is hard, you know that. We must be practical, and I want practical dealings. I do not want papers. I will sit in a cold room and issue orders and make plans on my computer—I am not that kind of man. I am a working man, I go to the field and play there. In Mahaprabhu's time there were no computers, nobody sat in cold rooms making plans. There were not even pens and paper. Sometimes some used pen and paper, for example Sanatan Goswami wrote books on the order of Mahaprabhu, but even then they did not even use pen and paper, they did it on some leaves.

To go and preach is worth much more. You have all facility, take a car and preach. That is being practical. You can go every week or every two-three days for sankirtan with kirtan. What is your job here? Five-ten people can take a mridanga and kartals, some leaflets and go for sankirtan. Not everybody gets your news—not everybody knows that your ashram is there, some people do not know about it.

You can see in Chaitanya-bhagavat how Mahaprabhu conquered people. Through sankirtan, only through this. Everywhere. Somebody can criticise you, but even in those days people criticised Mahaprabhu. Even in those days there were so many problems, there were things in those days that do not even happen now. In Mahaprabhu's time, Chand Kazi himself came to Srivas Pandit's house and broke a mridanga, and even more than that happened before. Many obstacles, many things can happen. Even in Sanatan Goswami's time, they had so much austerity in Vrindavan, so many things happened at that time and after that also. You can go and see Vrindavan—so many temples are broken because Muslim kings came there. They made Taj Mahal and broke Hindu Deities' temples, even the king had to abandon Vrindavan and run away to Jaipur, he said, "This is not my place."

So, only sankirtan movement, only Krishna sankirtan movement can rescue all these kinds of people, only through sankirtan can people come out of the illusory environment, there is no other way.


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