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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham
29 November 2010, part 3


*** used to have a good job, but he left it and stayed here. He had some sukriti, he was doing service but instead of doing puja he was earning money which is not good—it is not service; it all went to karma. Three months later he left...

Actually some offence had come. I heard last year and I also saw it when I went there that he did not take a good care of devotees, he treated them very bad—when I sent devotees to the place that he was in charge of, the rooms were dirty, nothing was arranged, etc. He was cheating me. ** believed he was a very good man, but I know what kind of man he is, I have many eyes. ** has two eyes, and I have many—when I was born I got two eyes and Gurudev gave me three more eyes, so now I have five eyes and I can see everything from here.

If the offence's seed is small, it is not a problem—a storm cannot do anything to you (because the plant is small), but when the tree grows very big, then when a storm comes, it will break the tree and the tree will fall down.

Another problem can also come if somebody thinks, "I have got mercy of Gurudev! Gurudev is praising me so much!"—ego can come through that. That is also difficult.

We must go to do service thinking, "I do not have any qualification to stay here. Prabhu, please give me some qualification—I am a fallen soul, please give me some mercy so that I can stay there and serve you, so that I stay in Govardhan." What do you think? "Oh I cannot do this, I cannot stay there during the cold winter season"? Are you doing anything? Your Guru will do it.

When Hiranyakasipu threw Prahlad Maharaj into fire, the fire did not work at that time. Why? Hiranyakasipu asked Prahlad Maharaj, "When I threw you into fire, why did you not suffer from the heat? Why did you not burn? What happened?" Prahlad Maharaj replied, "Oh, I was only chanting the Lord's Name and praying to the Lord at that time, and I saw that the Lord came and told the fire, 'I am removing your heat today!' And suddenly I felt so cold that I began to shake." The fire was there but it did not work. Do you understand? The Lord is powerful, He can do anything.

When Gurudev tells you, "Do this job," you think, "Oh, maybe I cannot do it...", but when Gurudev tells you to do something, he will actually do it because he is giving you the power also to do that job. So, when Gurudev tells you to give a lecture, for example, you must do it.

When Mahaprabhu told Rupa Goswami, "Recite this 'tunde tandavaniratim vitanute' sloka," Rupa Goswami was shy, but Svarup Damodar said, "Mahaprabhu told you to do it, so you must do it. You must explain this sloka!" Then Rupa Goswami folded his palms and started explaining that sloka. And he explained it happily—everybody was astonished, "How does this boys know how to explain such things?" At that time Mahaprabhu admitted that He had given some power to Rupa Goswami, but at the same time He said, "It is not sufficient. You all must give him some mercy." So, when Gurudev tells you, "Do this job," actually the Guru is doing it, we are not doing anything. Such feeling must come.


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