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Beyond Material Environment

By His Divine Grace
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham
29 May 2013


Question: If somebody says that rather than preaching about Krishna consciousness you should invest your time and energy into a social campaign, to save the world from pollution, contamination and all these things, how will you change their minds?

What they are saying is some karma-marga or jnana-marga, they are thinking about this life... They study jnana sastra, they talk about jnana sastra, and their intelligence, their brain is limited up to that jnana-marga (path of knowledge). They talk about pollution, about environment, saving the nature, saving health, this is not high thinking. If we preach to them, if we tell them something about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and Mahaprabhu's conception, they will easily understand that they are actually wasting their time...

They are thinking about pollution and saving environment because they are thinking about their own health and interest, but they do not know how many days they have left. They want to cure others' bodies, they think, "I will make a building and use good cement so that it lasts two-three hundred years," but they do not know how many days they will last in this world.

Their brain is like that... We must give them a clear conception about atma, about the jiva soul, about Krishna consciousness, and if somebody has some good sukriti and good intelligence, then they will come, but it is actually rare.

If you tell somebody there is a country called America, they cannot see America from here and they will say, "No, there is no such country as America!" but if you go there, you will see there is America. So, now you are far away, you cannot see anything, that is why you say that Krishna does not exist because you cannot see Krishna. Your eyes are covered now with a layer of Maya, illusory environment, that is why you cannot see anything, but if your eyes are operated on and that spot of Maya is removed, then you can see something. It is necessary to have an operation.

You have eyes inside you, and by the mercy of Guru and sadhu, if you want to see something, if you actually have desire to search for Sri Krishna, if you want it, then you can easily understand what is what, what is our real way, and what is the real solution. It is possible.

Something is happening now and the scientists are saying many bad things, but whatever they are saying, Krishna (the Lord Himself) and the scriptures (sastra) had already told about it many thousands of years ago. So, for a sadhu this is not new, it is not a surprise. Sometimes, somebody discovers or invents something, but these things are not new for a sadhu because a sadhu has known about it from many thousands of years ago.


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Nitai Gunamani Amara
'Nitai, the jewel of all good qualities, my Nitai, the jewel of all good qualities, brought a flood of divine love and inundated the earth.'


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'O fortunate Tulasi, by your performance of austerity you have become Sri Salagram's worshippable consort.'
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