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You Heard It, You Know It—Now Follow

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking online to Johannesburg, SA
30 May 2015, Sri Nabadwip Dham


You have heard many things—you have heard about Chapal Gopal, about the Vaishnav aparadh, you have listened to Param Guru Maharaj's lecture. You know that proper guidance is necessary—proper association, proper medicine is necessary; and you can see that when there is a Vaishnav aparadh, it is very difficult to avoid it, but if you do not avoid it, a very bad result will come to you.

Once, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was walking with the devotees in Nabadwip and they came to a lake. One of the local cowherd boys said to Mahaprabhu, "Uncle, do not go there! There is a big crocodile in this lake—even the cows do not go there, they are afraid to drink from it." Mahaprabhu already knew everything, so He told everybody, "Chant the Holy Name! Do not be afraid." Everybody started chanting Hare Krishna maha-mantra loudly. Suddenly, a God child came out of the lake. He came straight to Mahaprabhu, paid obeisance to Him, and started to cry. Mahaprabhu asked him,

"Why are you crying?"

"Prabhu, You came to rescue me... Previously, in Satya-yuga, I was the same as I am now, a God child, but when I was little, I was very naughty and one day when Durvasa Muni was sleeping in Vrindavan, Kamyavan, I cut his sikha. Durvasa Muni cursed me to be a crocodile for four ages. I began to cry and he said, 'Krishna Himself will come in the Age of Kali as Gauranga Mahaprabhu. He will chant and rescue you.' It happened today—You came here and chanted. You rescued me, and I have got my previous body back. Please, give me Your mercy, let me go back to my parents..."

Mahaprabhu gave him permission and the child left.

If you make Vaishnav aparadh, this is what will happen, but if you chant the Holy Name, all kinds of sins—the worst kinds of sin that you committed in your previous lives—will all be removed. If you chant without deceitful devotion, you will get result...

You must leave your mundane family life and join Krishna's family—this is the main thing. You must remember it.

When we join Krishna's family, there must be some proper etiquette, proper service and proper mood—we must follow Mahaprabhu's teachings, Mahaprabhu's conception, then we will get the result, then we will understand and we will be able to see the form of the Lord with our own eyes—these mundane eyes must be replaced with the transcendental eyes, then we will be able to see the form of Krishna.

Practise properly, maintain the temple properly—that will be good for everybody. Everybody should come together to serve the temple—it is Gurudev's temple. If everybody serves together, it is easy then to maintain a temple. So, practise properly and it will be good for you. The problem, however, is that Maya always takes our time—Maya always uses our time for herself. That is the difficulty—we are always losing our time...

If somebody does not follow Srila Sridhar Maharaj's conception, does not follow Gurudev's conception, how can they stay within our line? We need some chastity. When somebody brought a buttermilk pot made of lotus leaves from Chandravali's area and gave it to Raghunath Das Goswami, Raghunath Das Goswami threw it away, he did not accept it because he saw the pot was not coming from Radha Kunda. Chastity is very important for us—if you do not have proper chastity to your Guru, if you do not have full faith in your Guru, then you will not get the proper result. You must understand it.

Chastity is the main thing—we do not go everywhere, we do not mix with everybody. We are a little bit different from other temples...




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Step Forward
'Krishna is always waiting for our service, but the main thing that we must understand is that we must not only say we are disciples of Mahaprabhu, you will get the result when you follow His instruction, follow His advice.'


Gurudev! krpa-bindu diya
'Gurudev, give me the strength to tolerate everything, and make me free from any desire for personal honour.'
গুরুদেব! কৃপাবিন্দু দিয়া

You chant the Holy Name, you always remember Krishna, practise properly and engage
yourself in service to the Lord, so Krishna always makes you happy.