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Joy of Sankirtan

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
3 January 2020, evening, part 1


Brahma, Siva, Narad, everybody chants the Holy Name. Siva chants the Holy Name with his five mouths, Brahma chants with his four mouths, Narad plays his vina and always chants the Holy Name—they all chant the Holy Name and feel happiness through that. Everybody becomes happy when they chant the Holy Name—all the demigods also chant the Holy Name and become happy. Through chanting the Holy Name we can get the highest service of the Lord and the Lord's associate.

সাধুসঙ্গে কৃষ্ণনামে—এই মাত্র চাই ।

সংসার জিনিতে আর কোন বস্তু নাই ॥

sadhu-sange krsna-nama—ei matra chai
samsara jinite ara kona vastu nai

I desire only to chant the Name of Krishna in the association of the sadhus. There is no other way to conquer samsara.

(Sri Sri Prema-vivarta, 6.13)

Chanting the Holy Name in good association is the highest attainment in this age of Kali. Just as you have all chanted today the Holy Name in the street—this is the highest attainment, the highest practice in this age of Kali.

You must think and you must realise one thing perfectly. How many days of this life do you have left? How many more days will you be alive in this world? For how many days have you got this human body and how many days can you stay in this human body? We do not know it—we can leave our body, we can die at any time. It is necessary to think. Pariksit Maharaj is a very fortunate soul—he knew that he would leave his body after seven days. Khatvanga Maharaj also knew that he would leave his body in forty-eight minutes. However, we do not know in how many seconds we will leave our body. You know that you have got this human body many times before, but you must realise that it is not sure whether you will again get a human body next life or not. You cannot say. You have got a human body now, but the type of body you get next life depends on what you do in this human body. That is why you must utilise this body in the proper way.

We suffer in so many ways—adhibhautik, adhidaivik, adhyatmik (আধিভৌতিক, আধিদৈবিক, আধ্যাত্মিক)—we suffer from the miseries caused by our body, by the nature, and other souls. We suffer from all this because we forget the Lord. How have we come to this world? How have we got this human body? We think we have got this human body from our parents, but it is actually not true. We have got life only from the Lord. Everything depends upon the Lord. You have got this body from the Lord and for the Lord, but because you have forgotten it you are now suffering. When you understand this, when you know this by the mercy of the guru (the Lord's associate), then your suffering will stop.

We are fortunate that Krishna Himself has come in the form of the Name and He also has sent His associate, His very own man to this world in the form of a guru. This guru gives us the message about the Lord. We are fortunate that we can listen to him. Yet, even though we listen to that message our proper consciousness does not awaken, we do not get proper sense—that is why sometimes we wait and wait , we delay too much. That is why we suffer...



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