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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Ekachakra Dham, evening class
8 February 2020, part 5


You must think this is your home. You see that I started building the floor above the nat mandir less than a year ago (I started after Gaura Purnima) and I have finished it. There are now nineteen rooms and ten bathrooms. Otherwise, every year they take so much money for the pandal and everybody fights because the pandal is not good quality, nobody goes to stay in the pandal—everybody slept in the corridor in the nat mandir. It was very difficult. That is why I prayed to Nityananda Prabhu [to arrange rooms for the devotees], and some devotees helped to build these rooms.

I do not want to mention their names because there are so many painful things going on in this world. If I mention their names, I have so many friends all over the world—some of them will speak to them against me and wash their brain, they will tell them not to give money. If they are happy to do that, it is all right, I do not have any problem with that. Therefore, I always keep their names secret. I know who helps me—Krishna knows it, Gurudev knows it. That is sufficient.

Also, I want to keep their names secret because we do not have faith like that of Srivas Pandit. Srivas Pandit's faith is the strongest faith, super strongest you can say. Everybody's faith is not like that. When somebody puts some poison in others' brain, they change their mind. That is why I keep them secret. Therefore, our faith must be strong. Practise, practise and practise.

It is very sad to say it, but there are some whom Gurudev believed but they betrayed Gurudev. They wanted to be a guru and started taking pratistha. They show false renouncement, false humility, but inside they have pratistha coming. They wanted to be a guru, and I have no problem with that. It is only sad that Gurudev believed them, but they betrayed him... Well, if they are happy to do that, I do not have any problems...



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