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Our Mistake

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Translated into English from Bengali
15 February 2020, part 1


The Lord can hear everything—whether anyone listens to the discussions about the Lord or not, the Lord Himself can hear it. That is our great fortune. You must give your mind to Hari-katha (listen attentively). You can do everything, but if you do it absent-mindedly, what is the use? You must focus your mind. You must offer your mind at the lotus feet of Krishna; if you do not do it, then you can do so many things, earn so much money, but it is all in vain. The main thing is hearing about the Lord, engaging in sravan and kirtan.

I see devotees are cooking now, so much smoke is coming, everybody will come and take prasadam—so many people will turn up, but not everybody has the fortune to hear about the Lord. Nonetheless, we have got this opportunity today, and we will utilise this opportunity for the supreme purpose.

We have passed many lifetimes for an unlimited time. Since the time immemorial we have been averse to Krishna. Krsna-bahirmukha jivera nahi Krsna smrti-jnana—souls that are averse to Krishna have no knowledge or remembrance of Krishna." We do everything in this world, we have a wife, children, grandchildren, and year after year we keep ourselves so busy that even when there is a class going on, we cannot listen to it attentively.

You are doing so many things in this world, but you are not doing one thing—you are not doing that which is necessary for your life. You love your family who are merely disguised dacoits, but you do not love the Lord. We do not do that which is necessary for our life, that which is the most important duty in human life. We have lost connection with Him for whom we have got this human birth, for whom we have come to this world.

You think you have come to this world for your father and mother, but this is wrong. My parents gave me this body, but they did not give me myself. We are souls and we come from the Lord. However, we are not doing that which is the most important thing in this life. Do you know where that leads? It leads to demotion. Just as there is promotion, there is also demotion. When you work, you can get promoted and you can also get demoted. As a result of our promotion we have got this human birth, but having got this human birth we are not serving Him whom we should be serving. If we come to this world and do the same things we did in our previous lives, then we will be demoted—we will not get this human birth again. We will have to go down and be born as dogs, goats, sheep, cats, mosquitos, frogs, earthworms, etc. we will even have to be born as worms that live in stool. You must think about it.

We have come to this material world and everyone of us will have to leave this world one day, but it is not sure if I will get this human birth again or not. Most souls will not get it again. Out of 100% of humans, 99% will not get it again. We will have to be born in another species. The Lord has left some prescribed rules in Srimad Bhagavatam—if we do not follow these rules properly, our fortune is extremely bad.



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