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Value of Faith

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Translated into English from Bengali
15 February 2020, part 9


Malini Devi always treated Nityananda Prabhu as her son—although she was an elderly lady, because of her motherly love, milk would flow from her breasts, and Nityananda Prabhu would drink it. You can see what kind of vatsalya-rasa she has.

One day, Malini Devi was doing puja. Suddenly a crow flew in and took the archan cup she was using for the puja. She began to cry. Nityananda Prabhu came and asked her, "Mother, why are you crying?" "Prabhu [Srivas Pandit] will come, he will scold me—a crow has taken the cup." Then, Nityananda Prabhu shouted, "Hey crow! My mother is crying, return the cup at once!" The crow came back and returned the cup.

Then you can understand—if we have faith in Vaishnavs, in their words, if we can believe in what Gurudev is saying, we will be benefitted. Gurudev says that if you practise Krishna consciousness (if you worship and serve the Lord), you must get the result; if we can think about Vaishnav Dham, about Vaishnavs, then we will be able to serve in the Lord's abode. Such faith must be there. If you have any doubt in that, or if you have no faith at all, then you will never get anything.

You hear, "God takes care of us," and you doubt it, "Will God take care of us or not?" This world belongs to the Lord. We give somebody fifty rupees and think, "I have given it!" But you only give what belongs to the Lord. "You worship the Ganga with the Ganges water." You are serving the Lord with the Lord's things. Then, you think about it—what can you give to the Lord? Do I have any ability to give anything? What can I give to the Lord? Your body, mind, life? The Lord has given you all this.

You must remember one more thing. In our country, there are many gurus in this world who will tell you, "Eat whatever your soul pleases." But the soul does not want to eat all these things. The soul has no connection with this world. The mind always judges the outer world, and the soul judges the inner would, it is always inside. The soul can give the news from Paramatma, and Paramatma knows what is necessary for the soul, whereas the mind is linked to the body, it knows what the body wants...



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