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(1/6) Love Your Service

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
12 March 2020, evening, Sri Nrisingha Palli
Part 1


By the mercy of Gurudev, mercy of all the Vaishnavs, we have just finished, two days ago, Gaura Purnima maha-mahotsav and Jagannath Misra's festival. This is the biggest and the main festival in our Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math, in our temple and Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya sampradaya. I am very happy because all the devotees participated in this festival, coming from many countries and regions of the world. Everybody did service: somebody did more service, somebody did only a little service, but everybody had some little service, and they participated and made their service contribution. Somebody helped by giving money, somebody helped by giving their mind and soul, somebody helped by giving their heart and all senses. Everyone is trying to serve because this is the main festival, and everybody should participate in this kind of festival and in the Krishna consciousness movement.

'I will serve the Lord' – we must always have this consciousness. I told many times to you all that some people think that they must worship the Lord because they are afraid, some people serve the Lord because because they have material desires and they want something form the Lord, and there is also a third class of people who think, 'This is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, so I have to serve Him.' But Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya sampradaya does not serve the Lord with this kind of idea – they serve the Lord with love and affection. It is also necessary to serve the temple and the mission with love and affection. Whether you are happy or unhappy, whether you are struggling or not – you must serve with love and affection. Somebody thinks, 'Oh, I am suffering so much, so I must serve the Lord to get some relief.' But this is not so. We must serve with our heart, with our love and affection. We must also be always attached to the Lord's service. Gurudev always said: many do service, but very few have attachment to their service. We must always be eager to serve and be alert what is required.

We always say, 'Gurudev, give me mercy', 'Gurudev, give me mercy', 'Gurudev, give me mercy'. I remember one devotee who was here for this festival (he did not come at the beginning of the festival – he came for the last part) came to Gurudev and asked him, 'Gurudev, give some mercy to me.' Gurudev replied, 'Krishna will bless you.' When Gaura Purnima finished, that devotee was leaving the next day (he is a very busy man), and when he came to see Gurudev, he again said, 'Gurudev, please give me some mercy.' Gurudev said to that, 'I gave you mercy yesterday. Have you already finished that mercy? You are asking again?' You must understand that this is a very intimate thing. We always say, 'Gurudev, give me mercy,' but Gurudev has already given you some mercy – Gurudev has given you some service, that is mercy. If you can do your service properly, that is sufficient. It is not necessary to ask, 'Mercy', 'Mercy', 'Mercy.'



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