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World Pandemic: The Only Relief

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 28 March 2020, part 2


When Anghira Rishi came to Chitraketu, Chitraketu had a material desire and was always thinking, "I have no child, I have no son!" so Anghira Rishi did not give him any good advice. He only told him, "OK, you will get a son, but through your son you will get both happiness and sadness." When Chitraketu heard it, he was very happy and kept thinking, "I will get a son! I am so happy!" He forgot that Aghira Rishi said he would get sadness also. You all know what happened after that, I do not want to explain the whole story to you now. When Chitraketu's son died soon after that, Chitraketu was very sad, and Anghira Rishi could see from far what was happening to Chitraketu. Then, Anghira Rishi came again and gave him some good advice this time. Chitraketu followed it and became a great saint, a great sadhu—he became a great preacher and preached all over the world. After that, one day he came to Sivji Maharaj. At that time Parvati Devi was sitting on Sivji Maharaj's lap, and Chitraketu wanted to give some advice to Sivji Maharaj. Parvati Devi could not tolerate it—she became angry and cursed him to go to hell. When Chitraketu heard it, he did not feel anything. He thought, "OK, I will go to hell, what is the problem?" In this way, for a Vaishnav, for a sadhu or a devotee, whether it is hell, heaven, or even liberation, everything is the same—even in hell devotees will think about Krishna, think about the Lord, about the service to the Lord.

Therefore, wherever we are staying, wherever we live, we must chant the Holy Name. In this situation that is happening in this world, only the chanting of the Holy Name can give some relief to us, nothing else. In this situation, only service to the Lord, only chanting the Lord's Name can give relief to us.

You have heard that after Kali-yuga everything will be finished—Kalki Maharaj (Kalki avatar) will come riding a horse, carrying a sword and kill all those who do not chant the Holy Name. This is happening slowly, slowly.

This virus is coming from China, and you can see how desperate the people there are—they eat carcasses, they eat rats, cows, dogs, buffalos, rams; they eat so many nonsense things. Then, I am thinking there is lockdown all over the world now, people are in their houses, some markets are closed, and they are not getting proper meat. I heard that in one of the states here in India, in Mizoram (it is in the east of the country, and 90% of the population there are Christian), the government has made the rule that they now cannot kill dogs for meat. Now they understand that they have been killing animals and this reaction is coming to the human body. I see that only humans are dying—no animals are dying from this virus, and all the animals are now happy because people are afraid to eat them because of the virus.

I am also thinking that when the proper time comes, Yamaraj will give a proper solution, will give some proper medicine. America, London, Italy have such advanced science, there are so many Nobel prize winners there, but still so many people are dying from this coronavirus and they cannot stop it no matter how much they try. Then, we must think about this, we must tell others to please avoid eating fish, meat, avoid this kind of sinful works. This world is now too much full of sinful works, sinful activities, and it is going from bad to worse and to worst.



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