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Krishna's Arrangement

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 10 May 2020, part 6


Question: I have one question. So many people are dying now from coronavirus—why are people suffering?

Who is suffering? No one is suffering. Everyone is happy. Devotees are always happy.

Some doctor asked me a question, "Why does it this kind of pandemic happen every hundred years?" It came in 1720, it came in 1820, in 1920, and now it has come again in 2020. Previous times, it was some diarrhoea, much malaria, etc. These kinds of diseases come because we too much exploit and destroy the natural things that come from the Lord, like hills, trees, animals, etc. Krishna arranges for some disaster to make some balance among trees, plants, animals, hills, etc. All these things of nature are made by the Lord, but we make so much disturbance—we cut hills, we stop water, we make tunnels—science does so many things, and we also kill and eat animals. That is why, Krishna wants to restore the balance. Now so many human bodies are destroyed by the Lord. This is the will of the Lord. Everything that is going on all over the world is the will of the Lord. Nothing can happen without the will of the Lord—even a single leaf on a tree cannot move without the Lord's instruction. How do you think everything happens? Everything happens by the order, by the instruction and by the mercy of the Lord. One thing we can understand is that whatever happens, it will all be good.

Question: How can one recover the taste, faith and enthusiasm for service if one makes many offences?

First you must avoid offences, then you will get the proper enthusiasm and taste. Always avoid all offences—Nama-aparadh, seva-aparadh, dhama-aparadh, Vaishnav-aparadh. Vaishnav-aparadh is the most important offence to avoid. Otherwise, if you make Nama-aparadh, you will not get the proper result—you will not get the proper taste through chanting of the Holy Name.

You must also always sing devotional songs (kirtans), and when you sing them, you must understand the meaning of these songs. You must read the meaning of the songs, then try to sing them. It is necessary to sing them and to know their meaning. Sravan (listening) and kirtan (chanting) are the main necessary practices. You may be alone, but you should still sing the songs. It is not necessary to have a good tune or to have good instruments—you can just recite the songs for fifteen minutes when you wake up in the morning.

krpa-bindu diya kara' ei dase
trnapeksa ati dina

"O Gurudev! Give this servant a drop of your mercy, and make me more humble than a blade of grass."

You may have no Deities, you may not be able to make a mangal-arati, but you can still remember and sing the arati songs,

kali-kukkura-kadana yadi chao he
kali-yuga-pavana kali-bhaya-nasana,
sri-sachi-nandana gao he

"If you want to slay the dog Kali, then chant the Name of Sri Sachi Nandan, for He rescues souls from Kali-yuga and destroys their fear of Kali."

yasomati-nandana braja-bara-nagara
gokula-ranjana kana
gopi-parana-dhana madana-manohara
kaliya-damana vidhana

"Sri Krishna, who is known as Kan, is Yasoda's darling son, Vraja's paramour, Gokula's delight, the gopis' life and wealth, the enchanter of Cupid, and the conqueror of Kaliya."

Sing these songs. Even if you are staying in your house and cannot do much, you can still sing these songs.

(kiba) jaya jaya gorachander aratika sobha

"All glory to the beautiful arati to Sri Gorachand!"

Sing these songs, think about these songs. You can sing when you are making a galrdland or when you are cooking. Always sing, always chant the Holy Name.

sri krishna chaitanya prabhu nityananda
sri advaita gadadhara srivasadi gaura bhakta-vrinda

Always listen to recordings. When you live in the temple or you live in the house, make a recording and listen to it.

sri krishna chaitanya prabhu nityananda
sri advaita gadadhara srivasadi gaura bhakta-vrinda

If you always listen to it, then so many nonsense talks will not be coming to your ears. Do you understand?

Question: Can I ask a question? There are many people in this world who are having some mental health issues like depression, anxiety, some people are even having suicide thoughts because of the depression and things like that. And this is all over the world now. Why is this happening and what can these people do?

I have told you why this is happening. Because of the chhaya-vega (six urges), the chhaya-dosa (six faults). People are thinking, "Oh, it is lockdown now, I am not working, how will I get money? How will I work? How will my family manage?" So many things are happening now, and they are showing so many news on television—all news are telling lies! They say, "Oh, there are economical problems!" They say this, that, this, that—they say so many things! But they never thought what would happen if corona came. Did they know this corona would come? But Krishna has made the arrangement for it. Everything is Krishna's arrangement. Do you understand? It is His arrangement.

Who will commit suicide, who will leave, who will stay—everything is Krishna's arrangement. And depression will come if people keep thinking, "How will my family manage to survive? We have no money..." People think about all these things, but Krishna is always powerful, Krishna can do anything. He has mystical powers and He can do anything with His power—even what is meant to happen may not happen, and what is not mean to happen may happen. So, it is not necessary to be worried about it. Everyone must remember the Lord. Those who are depressed must remember the Lord, they must remember Krishna.

When people earned money, when the times were good, they did not remember Krishna, but now they are in hospital, they are suffering from corona, so now they are crying for Krishna, they are crying for Allah, they are crying for Jesus. When they had good health, when they earned well, they did not care about anything, but now that people are in lockdown, so much depression is coming. Why? Mainly, because people had thought, "Oh, I will get this house," "I will get this car," "I will get this, that," but now their dreams have become frustrated—it is lockdown now, a big problem, so they panic, "I cannot get anything! I will die!" That is why they become depressed. Even here in India also, people have no patience. The government locked down everything—all trains, buses, aeroplanes, everything was stopped, so everyone has to live in one state and they cannot tolerate it. They heard that the government might arrange for a train to bring the labour workers, but one of the workers commited suicide—whose fault is it? Oh, it is the fault of the government. They do not think that it is that man's karma-phal (result of his own karma)—whose fault is it? The government's. They blame the government, but it is that man's own karma. When we are born, we bring our karma with us, so whatever result is meant to happen according to our karma, it will happen.



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