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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 31 May 2020, part 4


Are there any questions from anybody?

Question: In the material world, there are so many kinds of suffering (from death, disease, etc.), people are unhappy in so many ways in this world, but gopis, Krishna's associates, devotees in the spiritual world are all eternal, they exist eternally. Do they also feel some sort of similar feeling like we do here in this world? They are eternal, so how do they feel?

How do they feel? [His Divine Grace chuckles.] If you have that kind of feeling, when this feeling comes to you, then you will not think about any disease or anything else. Do you understand? For example, do you remember we went to Kurmaksetra last year? We visited the place of Vasudev Vipra. He had leprosy, there were insects in his body, but he was happy. His mood was that he was happy, he did not worry about anything, he was not unhappy. When something happens, Vraja gopis also feel many things, but they are always happy. All of Krishna's associates, all gopis, all cowherd boys are always happy. Even Laksmi Devi, who is running behind Krishna, is also happy.

If you have a great desire, you do not feel suffering. So, there is no suffering, no disease, no suffering from old age, nothing of this sort in the eternal abode of Goloka Vrindavan. There is always so much suffering everywhere in the material world—both in hell and in heaven—but in the spiritual world there is only eternal happiness. We should realise the nature of that happiness. It is possible to understand that happiness through service. Pure spiritual souls are always happy. In this world also, our guru-varga show some pastimes of suffering, but actually they are happy—they live in the plane of Vraja gopis. They have the mood of Vraja gopis, and they always think about the Lord, they always think about separation from the Lord. That is how happiness comes.

Question: There is something called seva-sukha-duhkha (happiness and sadness in service). Does this sadness (duhkha) that I am not able to do proper service exist in the spiritual world also?

Not really. Seva-sukha-duhkha means when you do some service, if sometimes some sadness comes, that is also your happiness. When this kind of mood comes, then no sadness will exist in your spiritual life, in the transcendental life. When service time comes, whether happiness comes or sadness comes, everything is great happiness (parama sukha), everything is very good because when you try to do some service and you cannot do that service, then you will try and try harder to do that service. That is a source of happiness for you. You have a desire to do some service, you always think, "I must do that service!", and you will try and try to do it—that is your happiness. That kind of happiness also increases your service mood more and more.



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