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At Sri Mamgachi (2)

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham Parikrama, Day Four
Ritudwip, 27 March 2021, part 7
Translated from Bengali


After Sri Jahnudwip, we came to Sri Modadrumdwip (Mamgachi). So, we should speak also about the glories of this island. This island is non-different from Ayodhya.

When Lord Rama lived in the forest together with Laksman and Sita Devi, they came here and, constructing a small cottage under a banyan tree, lived here for some time. Seeing the effulgence of Sri Nabadwip Dham, Sri Ramachandra's holy face lit up with a smile. Noticing Him laugh, Sita Devi asked the Lord, 'Prabhu, why are You laughing? You are suffering so much roaming through forests, why are You laughing? Are You not feeling any pain?'

Sri Ramachandra said, 'O Devi, it is a very mystic matter. When Kali-yuga comes, all jiva souls will get to see My golden form here in Nadia. I will appear in the house of Sri Jagannath Misra and Sachi Devi as Gauranga and deliver the entire world. Fortunate jiva souls will see My childhood pastimes and attain transcendental devotional love. Enjoying My scholarship pastimes, I will reveal the glory of the Holy Name to this world. After that, I will take sannyas and go away from here to Nilachal, and My wife, Vishnupriya, will cry on the lap of My mother.'

Hearing this, Sita Devi asked again, 'Why will You make your mother cry? Why will You take sannyas and give so much pain to Your wife? What happiness is it to You if You do this? I cannot understand it.'

'Dear', said Sri Ramachandra. 'You know everything. It is to teach other jiva souls that you are asking Me this, pretending not to know it. Those who have divine love for Me taste this divine love in two ways: in My presence and in My absence. The happiness of being in My direct presence is called union (sambhog), and the happiness of being far from Me is called separation (vipralambha). In separation, devotees always feel sad and hanker for Me, thinking, "When will I see the Lord? When will I come to the Lord?" Feeling this deeper hankering, they experience happiness. Those eternal devotees who, by My mercy, want to unite with Me experience happiness of estrangement, burning in the agony of separation. Separation from Me brings a great joy. Devotees can understand this. When there is a union after separation, the happiness is many times greater due to separation. My mother (Kausalya Devi) will appear in Kali-yuga as Sachi Devi, and you will serve Me as Visnupriya. In this Treta-yuga, in the agony of separation from you, I will make your golden Deity and worship you in Ayodhya; in return, you will also in the agony of separation from Me make My golden Deity in Nadia and worship Me eternally, every day. Dear, this all is a hidden secret, do not tell anyone about it. This Nabadwip Dham is the dearest place to Me — there is no other place, not even Ayodhya, that is as dear to Me. Our Ramavat (cottage) will not be there in Kali-yuga, but it will always remain here in an unmanifest way.'

By the Lord's desire, Guhaka, a devotee and friend of Sri Ramchandra, took birth in the house of a brahman here in Sri Modadrumdwip within Sri Nabadwip Dham. He was known as Sadananda Vipra Bhattacharya, and he did not know anything in this world except for Lord Rama.

When Mahaprabhu appeared, Sadananda Vipra was at the house of Jagannath Misra — seeing all the demigods, he could recognise that the Supreme Lord Himself had appeared. Jubilant, he returned to his home and started meditating on the Deity he worshipped. Suddenly, he saw Gaurasundar: Sri Gauranga Ray was sitting on a royal throne, and Brahma and other demigods were fanning Him with chamaras. Then, he saw Ramachandra near Mahaprabhu, with Laksman on His right, Sita Devi on His left and Hanuman in front of Him. Seeing this sight, he could understand that Ramachandra had come as Gaura in Kali-yuga. He kept saying, 'How blessed I am! How blessed I am!' Later, when Gauranga Mahaprabhu manifested His sankirtan pastimes, Sadananda Vipra would dance with Him, chanting the Holy Name of Gaura.

As Sriman Nityananda Prabhu spoke all these wondrous narrations to Srila Jiva Goswami Prabhu, He showed him Sri Bhandiravan and as they continued their way, they reached the village of Mamgachi.

Jay Sri Modadrumdwip ki jay.


— : • : —





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