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Strong Faith and Chastity

His Divine Grace
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
Sri Nabadwip Dham
30 March 2010, part 2


Gurudev told so many things. Gurudev said to me, "In Guru Maharaj's time I had so much stand, no one could compete with me, but you have to fight carefully." We are trying... but I know that Gurudev is always with us, with all the devotees, and you, all his devotees, are always with me, that is why I am not worried.

I promised to Gurudev, "As long as there is even one drop of blood in my body, I will protect your mission, your Deities, and your devotees." I have already promised him. When he was leaving Nabadwip for Kolkata, I asked Gurudev, "Gurudev, shall I go to Kolkata with you?" and Gurudev answered, "What have you just promised? You have just now promised to me that you will protect my temple, devotees and Deities. Why do you want to go with me now? No, stay here."

I always think about what Gurudev wants, what is his desire and I understood it from the beginning—I have told the stories about painting his house, the centenary building, etc. And if there is any problem I can always ask him, and he will solve that problem, I know it. One day, when I was keeping night guard, I suddenly saw Gurudev standing at the samadhi of Param Guru Maharaj. I was surprised to see him there so late at night (it was midnight or one o'clock at night), and I thought, "Do I see a ghost or something?" But it was Gurudev. Later I asked him what he was doing there and Gurudev said, "There is some problem that I cannot solve, I came to Guru Maharaj to solve it." So, Gurudev always exists and he is always helping. When Gurudev went to America one year, he fell down from the hill there and he told me later, "Guru Maharaj picked me up that day." Gurudev always protects us, he is always with us.

You know I went to Bamunpara today—I went to see the construction works at Nityananda Sarovar [a pond next to the temple]. Some devotee came to me and I told them about Nityananda Sarovar: I left Kolkata on Friday at 11 a.m., and before I left Gurudev told me, "You are making Nityananda Sarovar, it is good, I am very happy. Can I participate in your service?" and he ordered Yamuna Didi to give me 50,000 rupees for Nityananda Sarovar. That was last Friday, and I went today to see how the works are going on.

One time, I asked Gurudev, "Gurudev, can I give a temple to them?" Gurudev said, "I will not give any temple to them!" And I must follow Gurudev's order, that is why when they now come to compromise saying, "OK, give us one temple," I remember that Gurudev had ordered not to give any temple to them. What can I do? I wanted to give a temple to them before, and I asked Gurudev for permission, but Gurudev said, "No! I cannot give any temple to them."

I have to follow Gurudev's order. That is our faith, sraddha—full faith. There is kamala-sraddha (delicate faith), taranga-sraddha (fickle faith), drdha-sraddha (strong faith), sudrdha-sraddha (strongest faith). It is necessary to have the strongest faith. Devotion depends upon faith. If Gurudev says this is a rope, then even if you see it is a snake, you must think, "No, it is a rope." This is the nature of devotional activities.

Gurudev has seen many times that I am reckless—I do not care for anything when it comes to myself. When there was a heavy flood, I would bring straw for the cows from Gurudev's birthplace area by boat. Gurudev saw that I did not care for myself. Whether I die or I live, it is not my problem—this body can go any day, but we have got this body for the service to Gurudev, for the service to the Lord, and if I cannot use my body for his service, then what is the use of this body? It is useless then.

Somebody thinks now, "Oh, Gurudev is not here, we will not go to the temple." I think that those who say or think this have not got any connection with Gurudev. Somebody thinks, "Oh, Gurudev is now in samadhi..." Samadhi means he is thinking—he is still there. He may not be able to talk now like before, but he can see everything, and he is watching everything. The other day Rana Didi told me, "Why will I go to Dum Dum Park now?" [She used to go there every day.] I told her, "If you have some faith, you can go there every day even now and you can talk to your Gurudev, it is not a problem." He may not speak, but Gurudev is always here. I think those who say Gurudev is not here anymore have not got any connection with Gurudev. That is why it is necessary to have a strong faith.



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