Preaching: Broad-Minded but not Blind

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking online to the devotees in Italy
16 October 2011, part 3


Even though I may be angry, even though I may have some bad qualification, still many devotees are keeping me in their heart... Even if somebody tries to remove my photo from their altar, it is not a problem because devotees keep me in their heart—that is my fortune, that is my great happiness.

Everybody says, "Oh, Acharya Maharaj is making disciples, he has no love and affection for us." I can say this: I do not give any advantage or preference to my disciples. If I think my disciple is doing something wrong, I will give them a chance to change, but if they again do wrong, I will tell them to get out, it is not necessary for them to stay here. However, if somebody does something good, even if it is my godbrother, I will take them in my heart. Actually, I do not think somebody is my disciple—I think everybody is Gurudev's disciple. Somebody thinks I have more love and affection for my own disciple, but it is not so. I do not have such wish or desire. If my disciple does something wrong, I will kick them out, it is not a problem; and if somebody does their best, whether it is my disciple or my godbrother, I will always keep them.

I do not want to have more parties, I do not want anybody to be on my side. I always want everybody to have love and affection for Gurudev. That is my opinion. If somebody does not like me but they have love and affection for Gurudev, I will help them and I will love them. My only problem is if somebody disturbs Gurudev's mission or does not do what Gurudev wants.

I am surprised now: Gurudev wanted a mission in Australia, but now there are some devotees in Australia disturbing that mission. That is my sadness, that is my unhappiness. Gurudev went there in 1996, fifteen years have passed, but still nothing has happened. I went there last year when Gurudev was present (he sent me there) and I tried very hard to make a good temple there, but now some people want to disturb Gurudev's mission and break the unity in Australia, they want to create a problem in the mission. That is very bad. However, I pray to Gurudev for these devotees, "Please, give them a good mind!" For fifteen years since Gurudev went there they have not been able to do anything, and here I have made so many branches in these fifteen years—it was the wish of Gurudev, and I fulfilled his desire, you know that. But why have not they been able to do anything in Australia for all these years? I went there recently to make a temple there, but some illusory environment came—people are making disturbance and now I cannot do anything. What is this? They must understand this.

Gurudev sent me to Australia to make a temple there just as he sent me to Singapore to open one common centre—I did it. Gurudev sent me to Malaysia to bring devotees together—I did it. In Singapore they previously had two parties, and now there is one party. In Malaysia there are four centres—four centres in four corners, it is all right, but when they preach (when Gurudev goes there or when I come) they must come together and make the programmes together. I have no objection. But if there are many centres and they make problem—if somebody does not know Gurudev's order, if somebody kicks Gurudev's head, how shall I bow down my head there? That is my question. They can kick me, they can beat me, they can throw me out—as long as they have love and affection for Gurudev I do not mind it.

I saw from the beginning also, in Gurudev's time—when I just came and joined the temple, nobody followed Gurudev. They showed false renunciation: in front of Gurudev they paid obeisance and behind his back they pushed a knife into his back. I saw that and I understood that.

So, today I am telling everybody all over the world: there are only a few persons all over the world who want to disturb Gurudev's mission. I saw somebody wanted to disturb Gurudev's mission in Gurudev's time, and now it is also going on. We must be careful and run the preaching movement properly. Gurudev is always with you, and I am also always with you—until my death I will always be with you.

Run your preaching movement smoothly. If it is slow, it is not a problem. What I am telling you is that you should distribute books, go for sankirtan, give preaching from time to time. Even if one devotee comes, that is sufficient. If they follow proper rules and regulations, they can be even householders, it is OK. We do want to have many saffron devotees—we do not want false renunciation and hypocrites. OK?

—Jay Maharaj!

I am telling very strong things today, is it not? Jay Srila Guru Maharaj ki jay!


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