Life Values

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
Speaking to devotees in London
29 July 2012, part 6


I have told everybody before too—when our European community is short of people, they can help each other with service. For example, Hungarian devotees can come to Italy, Italian devotees can come to Hungry, Hungarian devotees can come to London, London devotees can come to Germany, and so on. In this way devotees can communicate with each other and run the preaching together, I will be very happy. It is my joy.

Of course, when we lose our friends, we feel sad, but I think one day will understand it and they will come back... Also, through skype or Internet we can tell them that if they do not like me, they can still come to Guru Maharaj's temple, it is not a problem, this is not my mission—this is Guru Maharaj's mission, Gurudev's mission, it is not anyone's private property.

In my life, from my birthday and from my beginning at the temple I had never opened my own bank account. Only when I could not get visa to America, I had to open a bank account on my name. I have only one bank account on my name, and even that—later I took the money I kept there to get visa and spent it for service. I do not keep anything on my name. Gurudev gave me his mercy because from the beginning I have been thinking about Gurudev's mission, and I want to do that my whole life until my death. I am not afraid of death—one day we are born, and one day we have to die, this is a basic truth, so why must we be afraid of anything?

Anyhow, I am very happy that gradually devotees are coming to the Green Street, and that you too are coming to the new centre from time to time, at the weekends, etc. I become happy when I hear about it. It only makes me sad that although you are now in your vanaprastha life you still have to work to maintain your family. That is the only problem because in the foreign countries too much money is necessary to maintain your life. How many years will you continue like this? You are now in your retired life, but still you have to go to work. This is my only sadness. At this stage in life you should be staying permanently at the temple, giving class and taking prasadam, this is what retired life is meant for, but instead you go to work... Is what I am saying correct or not, Prabhu?

Yes, Maharaj...

I am thinking in this life people work for themselves and for their family maintenance from birth to death, they do not get time to even come to the temple to pay dandavat. I saw this not only abroad but in India as well. I saw also in Singapore that they go to work as soon as they wake up from early morning and they come back at midnight—they work the whole day, for twelve hours, from morning to midnight, and they eat outside in some restaurant. They come home only to sleep and the next day they again go to work. What for? Is this life, Prabhu? I saw it and I think about them... When you are young, you study, you do some work, it is OK, but Krishna gave this human body only for service, so if you can spend minimum 50% of this life on service to Guru, Gauranga, Bhagavan, Vaishnavs, that will be good for your next life. Otherwise, Krishna has sent us here, Gurudev has left us here to fulfil his desire, and if we do not use this time for him, if we only think about ourselves and our own enjoyment, this is not life.


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