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His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj,
Speaking to devotees in London
29 July 2012, part 5


I am talking to you after so many days, it is very nice to talk to you again.

You are continuing the Green Street temple, I know it is becoming hard with time, but wait and see—try and try and you will be successful, devotees will come. This is the main temple there.

Actually, so many times somebody came to me and said, "Oh, we should close the old centre," I said no. I do not want to close anything. This is not my line, you know that. I do not want to close anything—if Gurudev, Guru Maharaj opened something, I want to expand it, I want it to grow more, I do not want to stop anything anywhere. Do you understand? This is my mood. Gurudev did not tell me, "Close that centre," "Close this centre." This is not my line. Gurudev was always sad because the London centre had been sold two-three times, and he always gave London's bad example for others. So, we do not want to stop or close any centre—on the contrary, we always buy land, always take land and make new centres everywhere. You know that only two years and a few months have passed since Gurudev's disappearance in March 2010, but over this time I have made many big centres. I do not want to stop any centres, this is our line.

Many people come—some are bad people, some are good people—we must run with them. What can we do? We do not want to reject them, we must run the centre—anyhow we must try and try, heart and soul. That is our main goal and we must reach our goal. We will succeed, no doubt. If we try for the Guru, Vaishnavs and Bhagavan, they will look after us, they will see to us. Many problems will come, but we have to go on, this is a battlefield.

You know that there are two-three people of the opposition group in Dum Dum Park, and sometimes people tell me, "Why are you giving money there, why are you feeding them?" This is not so. We are not giving money to feed them—we are giving money to Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Radha Mada-mohan—They are there in Dum Dum Park. Gurudev made that centre, and it is Guru Maharaj's Krishna-anusilana Sangha centre, why should I stop giving money there? This is not my job. I am begging, begging, begging, and anyhow I will run the temple—I will run all of our mission all over the world. This is not a problem for me. As much as my capacity is I want to give them service because the service to Radha Madan-mohan is there, that is why I am trying to maintain it.

If there are some three-four persons of the opposition group, what is the problem? After Guru Maharaj, in Gurudev's time when I just joined the mission, I saw there was only Mahananda Prabhu inside Gurudev's group, all others were in opposition to Gurudev. That is why I do not worry. Gurudev always said, "Some door will be open, some door will be closed." What is the problem? Anyhow we must run our mission.

I am very happy that there are now two centres in London. London is a big city, and it is good that they have two centres in different parts of the city. If you run everything properly, devotees will come through preaching, we do not have to worry about anything.

Gurudev is always with you, Guru Maharaj is always with you. No one can damage us because Chaitanya Saraswat Math is like a big ocean—if somebody throws one stone, some wave can come, but it is not a problem. It is like a big mountain—if somebody throws bricks at a mountain, the bricks will break, they cannot damage the mountain. So, we must go ahead, we must proceed ourselves—through preaching. "Pran achhe yar, sei hetu prachar (প্রাণ আছে যার সেই হেতু প্রচার): as long as you have life in the body, you must preach." This is what we are doing, and if we help each other, it will be good.


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