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Odds and Ends (3)

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Compiled on 23 October 2015


Several excerpts that were not included in the main posts:


5 July 2015


By the mercy of Gurudev, everything is running properly, but the problem is that Maya is always taking our time, always using us for her service. Actually, twenty-four hours is Krishna's time, but we do not think so and Maya takes our time and engages us in her service. So, we should always remember what is necessary for our life. We must understand it clearly...

• • •


5 August 2012


If you can, send a boy here for the service in the temple. I am inviting. If somebody can join the temple full time—if they can sacrifice their life for the Guru, Vaishnavs, for God—their parents too will be rescued. Actually, not only parents, up to twenty-one generations (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on) will all be rescued from hell and their bad karma if just one son becomes a sannyasi or a brahmachari.

• • •


12 September 2012

That Prabhu's family has not come for so many years. Is it too much money for you to come to India? If you can put aside two-three dollars, or five dollars every day for your plane ticket, then you can easily come once a year. Buy your plane ticket.

• • •


3 June 2015


What time is it now in Caracas? Oh, 9 p.m.! Many devotees came from far away places, they should go to their homes, otherwise it is a little difficult if they go by car so late. There are many gunda people, terrorists, out there, but devotees have no money, so no problem—if they come to rob you, you can say, "I have only this Srimad Bhagavad-gita. You can take it."

• • •


15 June 2015


One of my university teachers knew eighteen languages. He was a very polite, simple-hearted Muslim man.

Once, somebody invited him to a wedding ceremony and he went there wearing simple clothes (a simple shirt and trousers). Many VIP people came to the ceremony, wearing coats, ties, and so on, but although he was an associate professor at university, nobody gave him any respect—they did not even allow him past the gate.

He came back to his house and after a few minutes left and came back to the wedding. This time he was wearing good clothes—a coat, a tie, and so on. He was treated with much respect, "Sir, please come in, have a seat." When it was dinner time, he was given very nice food, but he took the food and started filling his coat pockets with it (he filled one pocket, another pocket, another). Somebody saw this,

"What you are doing?!"

"What? This is not for me. I got this for my coat."

"What do you mean?"

"I came here half an hour ago, but nobody gave me any respect. Because I am wearing these clothes now, I am getting all this. So, it is not for me—it is for my clothes."

Everybody began to apologise, "Please forgive our offence, please forgive our offence. We did wrong, we made a mistake..."

• • •


16 June 2015


[A devotee comes into His Divine Grace's veranda during the class with the japa mala in their hand, chanting silently.]

It is not a good time for chanting now—now you should listen. You cannot do both things together. Listen to Krishna-katha: if you cannot understand everything, it is not a problem, just listen quietly—that is good for you. Otherwise, Hari-katha is going on, but you are touching the beads—you can neither chant, nor listen.

It is said in the scriptures (Harinam-mahatmya) that you cannot do two things together. When you are doing some service, do the service and you can chant with your mouth at that time, that is not a problem, but when you are listening to Hari-katha, you cannot chant at the same time.

• • •


23 June 2015


[His Divine Grace notices some ants at the veranda.]

Throw this out! These ants are very dangerous!

You can ask me, "Why are such insects born?" Their duty is to eat trees. Trees also have to die, otherwise how will they get relief from their tree body? So, Krishna created insects and arranged for their food (trees). Trees get their body for so many years, and they too must die somehow. Everything exists for the service to the Lord...

• • •


12 September 2015


Learn this song and sing it!

'dayal nitai chaitanya' ba'le nach re amar mana
aparadha dure yabe, pabe prema dhan !

"When Dayal Nitai dances in your heart, your offence will be removed and you will get the real wealth!"

If Nitai is chanting, dancing in your heart, then you can think that your offences are already removed from your heart—that is called "Dayal Nitai Chaitanya nach re amar man."


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Receiving and Transmitting
'When your dust is removed, the magnet will immediately catch you, but when there is a lot of dust, the magnet will not work. You should listen to Hari-katha, Krishna-katha, and you must listen properly, with your mind, speech, and body.'


Gaya Gora madhur svare
'Your life is ending, but you have not served Hrsikes. Bhakti Vinod advises: once relish His Name's nectar.'
গায় গোরা মধুর স্বরে

Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur told that you can chastise somebody at any other time but not to chastise, not to use bad language when taking prasadam.