Govardhan's Appearance in Vrindavan

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Talking to devotees in Colombia
7 November 2018, Sri Govardhan, part 2


Yesterday and today also, we were explaining how Govardhan was brought to Vrindavan by Pulastya Muni.

Govardhan was a son of Drona Parvat (Dronachal), and actually Govardhan was originally in Salmaladvipa, an island of Salmala on the west side of India. One time, Pulastya Muni, a muni from Kashi (Benares), was visiting different holy places. When he came to Govardhan, he was so stunned that he came to Dronachal and asked him if he could take Govardhan to Kashi to worship Him there. He said, "Please, give your son to me. I want to take Him to Benares—so many people come there to see Vishvanath (Mahadev, Sivji Maharaj) and it will be good if they can see Giriraj there." Dronachal did not want to give Govardhan to him, but when Pulastya Muni threatened him with a curse, he agreed but on one condition—he said, "When you go to Kashi, you cannot stop at any place—you must not keep Govardhan down at any place." Pulastya Muni agreed.

When Pulastya Muni and Govardhan were passing Vrindavan on their way, Govardhan felt that later in Dvapar-yuga Krishna will come here and manifest His pastimes and so many beautiful things will happen here. Govardhan did not want to leave Vrindavan, so He became very heavy and forced Pulastya Muni to put Him down. After that, Pulastya Muni went to the bathroom, took bath, etc. and wanted to get back to his job, but when he tried to lift Govardhan again, he could not do it because he had promised that he would not put Govardhan down on the way. Unable to move Govardhan from Vrindavan, he cursed Govardhan, "I could not bring You to Benares, so be it, but then You will be sinking every day and decreasing by the size of a sesame seed!" This is how Govardhan stayed there in Vrindavan.

Later, when Krishna appeared, He told all the Vraja-basis—His father, mother and everyone else—that instead of worshipping India, which they would always do, they had to worship Govardhan. Krishna Himself said, "I am Govardhan!" When the Vraja-basis started to do Govardhan puja, Indra became very upset and angry—he sent so much rain to Vrindavan that all the Vraja-basis surrendered to Gopal. You know that after that Krishna lifted up Govardhan with His little finger and made a wall around it with Anantadev so that the water would not come under Govardhan. This is how Krishna protected Govardhan. Since that time, Vraja-basis and all the devotees of Lord Krishna have been worshipping Govardhan.


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