Laksman's Grudge

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
9 October 2019, Kolkata, part 3


We would like to also say a few words about Nityananda Prabhu's mercy and Baladev's mercy, as well as Baladev-tattva.

Laksman always worships Ramachandra, Laksman always serves Ramachandra, that is why he thought, "If my master is going to the forest, what will I stay here for? I must go to the forest too—for the service of my worshippable Ramachandra." Dasarath had not punished or exiled Laksman, he went to the forest of his own accord. Moreover, Ramachandra could have also fought His mother (and then Ramayan would not have happened)—Ramachandra could have asserted His rights, "No, I am the elder son, so I must get the position of the king. I want to be the king!" He could have done this, but no, the Lord Himself showed that Ramachandra had left His chair and went to the forest because He was obedient to His father's order ("My father is My guru, so it is all right, I will follow his instruction—My father says I must go to the forest, I will go to the forest."). Ramachandra did not avoid His exile—He followed what His father had told him.

One time, Laksman asked Ramachandra, "Why must Sita Devi go to the forest to Valmiki's ashram? Why?!" (She had to go because Ramachandra gave His instruction at that time, and Sita Devi had to follow it.) Ramachandra explained to Laksman, "You know what I have appeared in this world for, you know what I have come to this world for—to follow the rules and regulations strictly. I am law-abiding (maryada-purush)." Laksman was very sad about it because he served Ramachandra and he served Sita Devi too. On top of that, do you know what kind of order Ramachandra gave to him? Ramachandra told Laksman, "Sita Devi cannot go to the ashram alone, she does not know where it is, so you can take her! Take her there and come back." Do you see? Sita Devi was crying so much, and Laksman could not bear the thought of doing it, but because Ramachandara is his worshippable Lord and elder brother—and a younger brother always follows his elder brother's order, that is the niti (moral standard)—he had to take her to Valmiki's ashram. But Laksman could not forget the kind of pain he got at that time. He felt so much pain receiving this very heavy order. He told Ramachandra, "I will do what You are saying, but when You come in Dvapar-yuga, You will become Krishna, and I will also come with You—but this time I will not come as Your younger brother! I will be the elder brother, and this time You will always bow to me and follow my instruction!" That is Baladev. Laksman said, "I have become younger now and You sometimes give me nasty and very difficult orders and I cannot go against You, but in Dvapar yuga, I will come as Your elder brother!"



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