Whose Child Are You?

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Kolkata-Worldwide, 4 April 2021, part 2


Actually, when somebody who does not practise properly takes initiation, it gives me a problem, health-wise also. Gurudev sometimes said, "The day when I do not give any initiations, my health is good, and the day when I give initiations, my health becomes bad because people come and give all their bad karma to their Guru." So, if somebody does not practise properly, it gives a problem to Gurudev's health. This is what Gurudev told.

That is why, this year I told the devotees who were writing down the names for initiation that initiation can be given only to those who follow all the rules and regulations, who practise properly and chant the Holy Name, who follow the four rules and regulations (who avoid all bad things, such as gambling, drinking alcohol, illegal sex, eating meat, fish, etc. they have to be proper vegetarians). Only such people can take initiation otherwise so much problem is coming to me...

It is necessary for everybody to practise properly. I went today to Uluberia and one Indian boy there is actually ready to take sannyas, but his parents are crying. The boy does not want to get married, and I tried to reason with his parents, to teach them some advice. Parents only give you a body, they do not give you yourself, so if Krishna wants to take you for His service, it is a great fortune—Srimad Bhagavatam says that is one member of any family becomes a sannyasi, fully surrenders to the Lord, then twenty-one generations of that family finish all their material bondage (karma-bandhan) and get liberation.

Gurudev also said, "Brihat svartha paite haile, ksudra svartha tyaga korte habe (বৃহৎ স্বার্থ পাইতে হইলে, ক্ষুদ্র স্বার্থ ত্যাগ করতে হবে)." It means that if you want to get a great benefit, you must avoid small, trifle benefits. His parents cry, "Oh, my son is running the shop!" What is this? This is such a small, trifle matter. This boy is Krishna's son, and if Krishna wants to use His own son in His service, who can stop it? If you want to stop it, then you will only get a body—the Lord will take this boy to his dham.

You are born in this human body not to serve Maya. You have got this human body to serve the Lord, to serve your Gurudev (the Lord's associate). You did not get this body to serve Maya. We only always serve Maya, we are always surrendered to Maya, and this is our main problem. We are always surrendered to Maya. What is this? Sometimes I become very annoyed unhappy about this kind of situation.

Krishna wants you to come and surrender to Him—He wants you to become a full-timer, wants you to give your entire life to His service—and then what kind of bondage, what kind of things come up? Maya always comes in between! Maya Devi is always very strong, and sometimes we are surrendering to Maya—that is our problem.


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