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Sri Guru:
Dedication and Determination

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking to the Ukrainian/Russian devotees,
2 October 2014


Question: How should we proceed day by day? What should our every day practice be like?

Actually, the main practice is sadhu-sanga, Nama sankirtan, Bhagavat sravan, Mathura vas, sraddhaya sri-murti sevan ("associating with devotees, chanting the Holy Name, hearing Srimad Bhagavatam, residing at Mathura, and worshipping the Deity with faith"), but you can read the books, chant on your japa beads; you can listen to my lectures and always think about your Guru, think about the Lord, do service, offer the bhog, sing the songs—in this way you can continue your practising life. You can read some books, that is good for you. Sravan, kirtan (hearing and chanting) is the main practice—you can pass your day and practise in this way. What is mainly necessary is humility, sincerity, and dedication.


Question: How can I do smaranam if I am so busy with all the day-to-day work and life?

Even a poor man who does not have so much money, who earns little, always keeps some money for his treatment, or medicine. We too must keep some time for the Lord—we should save some time for Krishna. We spend a lot of time on so many things, but we must spend a little bit of the time on the Lord.

In another way, the Lord is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and He provides everything. For Krishna, Bali Maharaj left his Gurudev's instruction because it was not good. Bharath Maharaj left his mother, Prahlad Maharaj left his father, Khatvanga Maharaj left the demigods, the yajna-patnis left their husbands, and all Vraja gopis left their respect, their honour, all viddhi-marga (rules and regulations), their everything, for Krishna. Why cannot we do that?


Question: We are told that it is very very difficult, almost impossible, to achieve pure devotion. Is it necessary to reach the position of a pure devotee to reach the transcendental world or is it possible to reach it just by mercy?

Actually, what is pure devotion in this Age of Kali? It is not necessary to show your devotion, your devotional activities—pure devotion is in the heart. If somebody thinks, "I want Krishna; I want to practise properly in my life; I will follow my Gurudev's instruction," and has full chastity for their Guru, that is pure devotion.

If you want to be a pure devotee, you must associate with a pure devotee. Pure devotees can give you pure devotion—without a pure devotee, you cannot get pure devotion.

Your aim should be straight, "I will fulfil Gurudev's desire—I will do what Gurudev wants. I will serve him. Any kind of condition can come, any problem can come, any sadness or unhappiness can come, but I will not leave Krishna consciousness, I will serve my Guru." This kind of intention, this kind of feeling must come—if you have this kind of chastity for your Guru, you can easily overcome everything.

What kind of problem came in Pariksit Maharaj's life? He is all in all—he is the king, he gives the orders and manages everything—but he got a notice that within seven days he had to leave this world. Can you imagine and realise what kind of problem came in his life? What was the solution? Srimad Bhagavatam came and gave the solution. Also, how much did Arjun suffer? He was thinking about his own problem and tried hard to solve it, but he could not. Who gave the solution? Srimad Bhagavad-gita.

Then we must understand that so many problems will come in our spiritual life, but we must be strong, and, by hook or by crook, we must not leave Krishna consciousness.

We have got a human body, and we will use this body for the service to the Lord. If we cannot serve our Guru, this body is nothing—what will we then use this body for?

...Somebody wants to say something?


Question: I am so far away from you, but how can I help you? How can I serve you?

How do you know I am far from you?

—I am in Saint Petersburg, and you are in Nabadwip...

[His Divine Grace laughs] It is a material question!

Krishna is always busy—He has so many things to do; but the Guru's only job is to always think about the success of his disciples. When a disciple surrenders fully, Gurudev always thinks about his disciple, about the spiritual matters of his disciple. You may be in Saint Petersburg, and I may be in Nabadwip, but if you always think about me, how do you know I do not think about you?...



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Sanatan-siksa: When Krishna Gives Mercy
His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj is reading from Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, chapter 22: 'Somebody wants material enjoyment and worships Krishna, but when they get the taste of Krishna's nectar, they leave all their desires and aspire to become a servant.'


Thakura vaisnava-gana
'I have never accepted the proper conception. My mind has been immersed in illusion, and I have never aspired for your feet. Narottam Das says, 'Seeing and hearing about my situation, I am stricken with fear. Please rescue me and keep me by your side.''
ঠাকুর বৈষ্ণবগণ

We have so many hopes, we want to do some service, but we do not know
whether we will be alive.