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"Caste and Class"

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, March 2015


[His Divine Grace is reading from Sri Sri Prema-vivarta, Chapter 10]


Class and qualification for devotion (kula o bhajana yogyata)

sraddha ha-ile nara-matra namera adhikari
jati-kulera tarka tarkira na chale bhari-bhuri [1]

Every human being—if they have faith—is qualified to chant the Name. The arguments and brashness of speculators about caste and class do not count for anything.

brahmanera sat-kula na haya bhajanera yogya
sraddhavan nicha-jati nahe bhajane ayogya [2]

Birth in a family of brahmans does not make one fit for devotion, and a lowborn person who has faith is not unfit for devotion.


Non-devotees are proud of their class (kulabhimani abhakta)

samsarera dasa-karme jati-kulera adhipatya
krsna-jane jati-kulera na achhe mahatmya [3]

Caste and class are important in worldly religious ceremonies, but are of no importance to devotees of Krishna.

jati-kulera abhimane ahankari jana
bhaktike vidvesa kari' yaya naraka-bhavana [4]

Egotists who are proud of their caste and class oppose devotion and go to hell.

na mane vaisnava-bhakta, na mane dharmadharma
ahankare kare sada akarma-vikarma [5]

They neither respect Vaisnava devotees nor do they have any regard for religion or irreligion. Out of pride, they always remain idle or commit sins.


A devotee cobbler is superior to a non-devotee brahman
(abhakta vipra ha-ite bhakti muchi srestha)

muchi hana krsna bhaje krsna-krpa paya
suchi hana bhakti-hina krsna-krpa nahi taya [6]

Remaining a cobbler, a soul who serves Krishna gets Krishna's mercy, and a soul who is virtuous but devoid of devotion does not get Krishna's mercy.

dvadasa gunete vipra alankrta hana
krsna-bhakti vina yaya narake chaliya [7]

A brahman ornamented with the twelve qualities but devoid of devotion to Krishna goes to hell.

krsna-bhakti yatha, tatha sarva-guna-gana
apana ichchhaya dehe vaise anuksana [8]

All qualities are present wherever devotion to Krishna is present; by their own desire, they always reside in the body of a devotee.

mrta-dehe alankara haya ghrnaspada
abhaktera japa tapa bahya se sampada [9]

Ornaments on a dead body are revolting; a non-devotee's chanting and austerity are comparable to such external 'wealth'.


Attachment and aversion to the mundane must be given up
(visaye raga-dvesa varjaniya)

bhaja bhai eka-mane sachira nandana
jati-kulera abhimana habe visarjana [10]

If you worship Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, you will get relief from that kind of pride:

Brother, single-mindedly serve the son of Sachi. Then you will give up your pride in your caste and class.

abhimana chhadile bhai chhadibe visaya
visaya chhadile suddha habe tomara asaya [11]

Brother, when you give up your pride, you will give up the world, and when you give up the world, your heart will become pure.

visaya ha-ite anuraga lao uthaiya
krsna-padambuje rage deha lagaiya [12]

Withdraw your affection from the world and dedicate it to the lotus feet of Krishna.

hao tumi sat-kulina tahe kiba ksati
kulera abhimana chhadi' hao dina-mati [13]

You may be high-class; what is the harm in that? Just give up your pride in your class and be humble.


The Lord's mercy upon the prideless, humble souls
(abhimana-hina dinera prati bhagavaner daya)

dinere adhika daya kare bhagavan
abhimana dainya nahi rahe eka-sthana [14]

The Lord bestows greater mercy upon the humble, and pride and humility do not co-exist.

abhimana narakera patha, taha yatne tyaja
dainye radha-govindera pada-padme maja [15]

Pride is the path to hell. Carefully avoid it, and humbly immerse yourself in the lotus feet of Radha and Govinda.

When you do a lot of service, pride comes. It has to be given up. This is Mahaprabhu's advice, I am telling it to everybody and they say, "Maharaj is telling." This is advice of Mahaprabhu. I tell everybody: if somebody does much service, and much pride comes, they become very fat and heavy, and their boat sinks.

Giving up pride is dependent on Nityananda's mercy
(abhimana-tyaga nityanandera daya sapeksa)

Always depend on Nityananda Prabhu's mercy.

aha! prabhu nityananda kabe karibe daya
abhimana chhadana more dibe pada-chhaya [16]

Ah! When will Nityananda Prabhu be merciful to me? When will He force me to leave my pride and give me the shade of His feet?




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