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Sri Sri Prema-Vivarta


Published in March 2015, this book has been prepared at the express request of Om Visnupad Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj. It is his desire that Srila Jagadananda Pandit's bright and concise instructions guide devotees in their practice and preaching.


"Serve Gora! Serve Gora! Serve Gora! Brother, there is no Guru in this world other than Gora. If you want to serve Gora, make your heart sincere. Give up deceit and serve Gora's feet. Gora knows your thoughts, so how will you cheat Him? When you are sincere, you will understand Gora's teachings. If you go to satisfy the minds of others, you will only cheat yourself. Gora knows your thoughts, so how will you hide your heart from Him? Gora says, 'Behave like Me and follow My instructions if you want good fortune.'"

"...The Name is all-powerful, grants all desired ends, and naturally makes the world joyful. The Name is the shelter of the shelterless, the saviour of the fallen. The Name should be served everywhere and always. The Name gives all types of liberation, entrance into the spiritual world, and love for the Lord."


Translator's Note
In Praise of Sri Sri Prema-vivarta
Sri Sri Prema-vivarta:
1 Invocation of Auspiciousness
2 The Composition of this Book
3 First Obeisances
4 Gaura's Greatness
5 Transformations of Ecstasy in Service
6 The Journey of the Soul
7 The Name is for Everyone
8 Give up Deceit
9 Proper Renunciation
10 Caste and Class
11 The Light of Nabadwip
12 Glories of the Vaisnavas
13 Eagerness to see Sri Gaura
14 Contradictory Transformations
15 Morning Pastimes in Nabadwip
16 What is Love?
17 Different Practices for Different Devotees
18 Sri Ekadasi
19 A Collection of Hidden Truths about the Name
20 The Glories of the Name
+ The Ten Offences to the Holy Name
+ Glossary


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