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Nectar of Devotion

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Speaking to the devotees in San Jose
18 August 2013


Actually Krishna arranges everything. We must understand that if you think about yourself, you will not get Krishna; but if you think about Krishna, Krishna will arrange everything. This is the main point, and I believe that—I 100% believe it, or you can even say 200%.

We do not want to drink nectar, but Gurudev always gives us nectar and forces us to drink it.

In Sri Sri Prapanna-jivanamritam Srila Sridhar Maharaj wrote a very nice sloka, I heard Gurudev explain it. He said that great souls (like Rupa Goswami, Sanatan Goswami) drink nectar, but when you eat and talk, sometimes some drops fall from your mouth, so Srila Sridhar Maharaj said, "I am collecting a few drops here, a few drops there, and distributing them, telling about that, for my own benefit, and for the others' benefit."

Gurudev explained it very nicely.

We do not want to do Hari-bhajan—we do not want to worship, we do not want to serve—but Gurudev is forcefully taking us to his lotus feet! We do not want to drink the bhakti-ras, the nectar of devotion! We do not want to serve properly, but Gurudev forcefully takes us, gives us proper adjustment, proper nourishment and engages us in service—forcefully! Such is his power. Do you understand?

I was very happy when I heard Gurudev say it. Gurudev gave that lecture in Bengali in 1988, at the first disappearance festival of Srila Sridhar Maharaj. I told Sripad Tyagi Maharaj to publish it in Gaudiya Darshan, and he translated it into English. You can watch it or read, you will be happy to hear it.

Gurudev always tells us certain things, but what can we do? We always give food to our mind (giving food to the mind means listening to the mind). It is our fault that we listen to our mind, that we give strength ("vitamin") to the mind, and, as a result, our mind becomes strong and takes us in another way, the wrong way. That is our problem.


[His Divine Grace is referring to the post Forced to Drink Nectar published at GaudiyaDarshan.com. You can also watch the video of the speech (~60Mb).]


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