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Balaram and Nitai: Seva-Vigraha

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
9 October 2019, Kolkata, part 5


Krishna would play the flute, Krishna would take all the cows to the forest, but in the meantime Mother Yasoda would always worry about her son. This is vatsalya-rasa. She knew that Krishna went to the forest and Kamsa always sent demons to kill Krishna, so any time some demon could come to the forest. When, however, Balai came and said, "Do not worry, I am always with Him," then Mother Yasoda said, "OK, You are going with Him, then I am worry-free."

Balai and Kanai, Balaram and Krishna, always went to the forest. Krishna would play sweet tunes with His flute, but Balai did not play a flute—Balai would play a sringa (buffalo horn), and it made a very big and loud sound! When His sringa sounded, demigods removed all problems—it was like a warning for all the demons to watch out!

Balai always keeps His Lord happy—He always thinks how to make sure that Krishna can play His flute smoothly and that no disturbance comes. Balaram always takes care of this. Moreover, during the sringara-rasa (madhura-rasa), Balaram has no right to go there, but He still always hidingly takes care of everything, He clears all obstacles and makes sure everything goes on properly. He thinks, "I am the gatekeeper, and if any disturbance comes, I will plough it out and finish it at once. I will do whatever it takes to make sure no disturbance comes to Krishna's happiness." That is why Baladev Prabhu is known as seva-vigraha (worshippable embodiment of service).

He is Laksman in Treta-yuga, Baladev in Dvapar-yuga, and Nitai in Kali-yuga. When Krishna came as Mahaprabhu to rescue all sinners and offenders, Balai could not keep quiet—He also came, and just as Balai, Nitai comes in Kali-yuga as Mahaprabhu's elder.

ব্রজেন্দ্রনন্দন যেই শচীসুত হৈল সেই
বলরাম হইল নিতাই ।

vrajendra-nandana yei sachi-suta haila sei
balarama ha-ila nitai

In the age of Kali, Vrajendra-nandan became Sachi-nandan, and in the meantime Rohini-nandan became Padmavati-nandan. (The name of Nityananda Prabhu's mother is Padmavati.)

Nitai comes before Mahaprabhu, and He does not show anything externally until Mahaprabhu comes—He hides His mood and visits with his Guru many holy places; but when Mahaprabhu came and started His pastimes—when everybody started singing, playing mridanga, etc. at Srivas Angan, then Nityananda left all His holy places, came to Nabadwip and met with Mahaprabhu. It happened at Nandan-acharya-bhavan. This is where Nityananda Prabhu met Mahaprabhu for the first time. When we do the Nabadwip Dham parikrama, we go there first during the parikrama of Mayapur.

When Nityananda Prabhu was beaten by Madhai and blood came from His head, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu could not tolerate it at that time—He called His chakra. Who could stop Him? Mahaprabhu came personally in the form of the Holy Name and He Himself came to distribute this Holy Name. Sometimes, Nityananda Prabhu would go to some places first, and that day it happened so that Nityananda Prabhu was beaten by Madhai. Gauranga Mahaprabhu could not tolerate it—He Himself had forgotten that He did not fight in this age of Kali with the help of weapons, He had forgotten that He had come to fight with the help of love and affection, with the help of Krishna-prema. Angry, Mahaprabhu called Sudarshan and ordered him, "Sudarshan, finish these demons Jagai and Madhai!" But Nityananda Prabhu asked Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, "Have You come to this world for calling Your chakra?" He reminded Mahaprabhu what He had come for. Mahaprabhu is Krishna Himself, He has unlimited strength, He can kill any demon—who can stop Him? Only His elder brother can. Mahaprabhu is the Lord Himself, and He had forgotten Himself—but Nitai came and stopped Mahaprabhu from killing Jagai and Madhai.

Also, when Gaurasundar took sannyas, He went to Puri, and Nityananda Prabhu broke His danda. Think about it—who has the power to do it? Do you think anyone can do it? Does anyone has the power to do it? No, only Nityananda Prabhu has such power—only He can break Mahaprabhu's danda. Mahaprabhu told Him, "I have taken sannyas and if I do not carry the danda, people will criticise Me," but Nityananda Prabhu replied, "If anybody criticises You, then say I broke Your danda! I have had enough of Your lectures in Treta yuga. I followed Your instruction then, but this time I will not follow Your instruction—You will follow My instruction."



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