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(3/6) Always Keep in Touch

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Jagannath Mishra's Anandotsav,
10 March 2020, morning, Sri Nrisingha Palli
Part 3, translated from Bengali


Call me from time to time. You think, 'If I call, I will disturb Maharaj.' Even if I get angry sometimes, does it mean you will not call? I always tell you: you can call me at 10 p.m. (Indian time). You are taking the parikrama caps from our Math – my phone number is written on them. You can call me sometimes – give some mercy to this lowly soul, throw your merciful glance at me.

Do not cheat me! I have entered into some relationship with you. You have done this parikrama for several days, and we have formed some relationship, so please keep in touch – phone me, write me letters or emails, try to find out how I am – so that this familial relationship does not break.

Come for festivals from time to time, speak with us, become familiar. You call so many relatives on your mobile phone, but I am your one fallen relative. Please call me and ask me how I am from time to time – find out whether I am alive or dead and what my situation is. Call and ask me about the news. You are leaving, but I feel very sad and pained. One by one, you are leaving Mahaprabhu's house. The Lord appeared at Jagannath Misra's house, but you are taking your buses, trains, cars and going away... Never forget me! Do not forget Krishna! Do not forget Gauranga! Do not forget your Guru! It is my earnest, heartfelt request to you all: you are all still young, please do not forget the Lord, do not forget Gaura Hari, do not forget your Guru. You cannot create a relationship with somebody just by taking initiation – you must keep in touch with the person, keep their association; you must come wherever they are. Always remember this.

You have all come to your father's house. You are all my sons and daughters, brothers and sisters. You have this relationship with me, but you are leaving again and going to your material family. When so many children come to their father's house, they have to rough it a little. Even though it is a little difficult for you to take prasad, there is so much joy when you come to your father's house. You must come – even if you come for only two or four days a year, you must come sometimes, get some news about us.

When you come to your father's house, you have to rough it a little. When girls get married and go to live with their in-laws, they call their father and ask him about the news; similarly, you have also come to your father's house, stayed here for a few days, did the parikrama, took prasad during a few days. I know there has been some bustling and shoving, struggles with water, accommodation and prasad, but despite all these struggles, you have stayed here for some days, and you must remember that even though you struggle, it binds us all – accepting all hardships, you must not forget your father's house.

When a daughter is married, she calls her father from time to time and calls him, 'Father, please come and visit me. Even if I am poor, what of that? Come to my house. Even if I am poor, I still have food to eat, I am alive.' In the same way, you must call your father, your Guru, from time to time. I will come. I do not discriminate between poor and rich people. I do not make any arrangements, but when I come, I do not come to sit and eat like a householder. I do not come to anybody's house to waste their rice. Remember this. I do not waste anybody's rice. I come to your houses for your benefit. There are people staying near your house who have not come to this line yet. You must try to bring them. When I come to your house, call ten, twenty, fifty, a hundred people, arrange some place for them to sit, and I will come, speak Hari-katha. I can arrange this. You can call me. Keep in touch, you have my phone number on the hats. I will come from time to time. I will leave the temple at any time now because I am always busy with various festivals. But if you call me, I can fix a date and come to you.

I cannot go abroad now, but when I get my passport back, I will go abroad. For now, there is Srila Ashram Maharaj, Sripad Bhakti Bandhav Puri Maharaj, Sadhu Maharaj and others who can preach abroad. You should take care of them. It is my request that they may preach nicely and tell everyone about our Math. You can invite them and engage them in preaching abroad.



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