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(4/6) Grand Assembly

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Jagannath Mishra's Anandotsav,
10 March 2020, morning, Sri Nrisingha Palli
Part 4, translated from Bengali


I have told you many things. Today is anandotsav (joyous festival) of Sri Jagannath Misra, and Gurudev always made a Visva-Vaishnav Raja-Sobha ('Royal Assembly of Worldwide Vaishnavs') on this day. It is the day when Vaishnavs from all over the world assemble together. You can see that the name of our Mission is now Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math International. Why has it become called like that? Because not only our Indian devotees come to this Mission – there are also many international devotees. Devotees come from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, South Africa, Ecuador, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Philippines, Ireland, Holland, Hungary, America, England, Malaysia and many other countries. This time, devotees form China could not come because they have some virus in their country, and devotees from Brazil also could not come because they have some problems (they promised to come next year). Because many devotees have come from various countries around the world and assemble on this day, Gurudev observed this day as Visva-Vaishnav Raja-Sobha, and the word 'international' was added to the name of our Mission.

Yesterday, I got some news from a group of devotees. I felt very sad to hear it. I have seen some of them during the parikrama, but yesterday they came here as a group to see me. They are staying in the main Math (jal mandir). Gurudev gave me the charge of that temple and arranged everything. I was only an instrument – actually Gurudev did everything. The temple there became known as jal mandir (water temple), but I heard yesterday that they had stopped the worship of Giriraj and Sivji Maharaj at Sri Govinda Kunda. I was very sad to hear it. They do not do the arati of Giriraj anymore, do not offer bhog at Giriraj's and Sivji Maharaj's temples. It is very painful. There is very little time left now. When Gurudev, not being able to tolerate their atrocities, was leaving jal mandir for the last time, I saw his pain that day – I saw tears in his eyes. Gurudev cried that day. When those people started giving him pain, he left. It was before Gaura Purnima. I had just come from Australia at that time, and after that Gurudev left Nabadwip. When leaving, he looked up at the centenary building and said, 'Guru Maharaj, please protect my Math'...

I am praying to you all: please remember that wherever you may live, you are always in my heart. I will not take more of your time today. I am earnestly praying to you all that you continue practising properly. As for those who are staying today, you can stay here for the rest of your life. If anybody wants to stay at the temple forever, please contact with me. You can stay at the temple and serve your whole life. If you are struggling to live with your family or there are any problems at your house, come to me. Girl or boy, it is not a problem. I will arrange for a place for you to stay, and I will take responsibility for your food, clothes, everything. It is not a problem. There are many temples: in Ekachakra, Puri, there are two temples in Vrindavan, a temple in Bankura, Siliguri, Nrisingha Palli, Ganga Sagar, Mednipore, Dinhata, there is a lady's ashram in Kalna. So, if any boy or girl wants to stay at the temple, contact me, and if you know anybody who wants to stay at the temple, send them to me.



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Dedication to Service
'By the mercy of Gurudev we are given a tongue to chant the Holy Name, to chant the glories of the Guru and Vaishnavs, but if we criticise others and tell bad things about others, what is then the difference between the mouth and the other gates?'

A scientist named Newton said that every action has equal and opposite reaction,
but we do not want to give opposite reaction. It is not our duty to give it.