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Rupa Sanatan: Running Away

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
Sri Nabadwip Dham, Samadhi-mandir class
13 June 2015


Rupa Goswami's previous name was Dabir Khas and Sanatan Goswami's Sakar Mallik—both of their names were bad and Mahaprabhu changed it to Rupa and Sanatan.

Rupa Goswami left his job tactfully—he did not steal any money but he on purpose made some mistakes in the accounts and the king told him it was not necessary for him to do the job any more. Rupa Goswami was very happy.

In this way,

কৃষ্ণমন্ত্রে করাইল দুই পুরশ্চরণ ।
অচিরাৎ পাইবারে চৈতন্য-চরণ ॥
শ্রীরূপ-গোসাঞি তবে নৌকাতে ভরিয়া ।
আপনার ঘরে আইলা বহুধন লঞা ॥
ব্রাহ্মণ-বৈষ্ণবে দিলা তার অর্দ্ধ-ধনে ।
এক চৌঠি ধন দিলা কুটুম্ব-ভরণে ॥
দণ্ডবন্ধ লাগি' চৌঠি সঞ্চয় করিলা ।
ভাল-ভাল বিপ্র-স্থানে স্থাপ্য রাখিলা ॥

krsna-mantre karaila dui purascharana
achirat paibare chaitanya-charana
sri-rupa-gosani tabe naukate bhariya
apanara ghare aila bahu-dhana lana
brahmana-vaisnave dila tara ardha-dhane
eka chauthi dhana dila kutumba-bharane
danda-bandha lagi' chauthi sanchaya karila
bhala-bhala vipra-sthane sthapya rakhila

The brahmans they hired performed religious ceremonies and chanted the Holy Names so that the two brothers could quickly attain the feet of Chaitanya. Sri Rupa Goswami then came home with boats loaded with a great amount of riches. He gave half of the wealth to brahmans and Vaishnavs; one forth to his relatives; and kept the rest one forth of his savings with a reliable brahman in case some complications arise.

Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, 19.5-8

What did Rupa Goswami do? He distributed whatever property and wealth he had to the brahmans, Vaishnavs, and others. He gave half of it to the brahmans, and one forth to his relatives. So, he left the job, gave everything away, and wrote a letter to Sanatan Goswami, "I am leaving, by hook or by crook you must also leave your job and come." Then he left and met Mahaprabhu in Benares, Kashi. Mahaprabhu was going to Vrindavan at that time and on His way He stopped in Kashi—Chandrasekhara Acharya and Tapan Mishra were both there, and Mahaprabhu stayed in Tapan Mishra's house and would go to take prasadam at Chandrasekhara Acharya's house...

Before leaving, Rupa Goswami also left 10,000 coins in the grocery shop for Sanatan Goswami's expenses, and shortly after that, all of a sudden, Sanatan Goswami left the job without giving any notice to the king. He came to his house and started giving Bhagavatam classes, speaking Hari-katha.

Sanatan Goswami was the chief minister and many ministers were under him. When the king Hussein Shah saw that Sanatan Goswami was not there, he thought he could be perhaps sick, so he sent a doctor to his house. The doctor went there and, when he came back, reported to the king that Sanatan Goswami was not sick—he saw him giving a class and he was quite well. Hearing this, the king personally went to the house of Sanatan Goswami:

"What happened? Why did you leave your job?"

"I do not want to do this job any more. You can appoint somebody else."

"Every day you do the same job, so maybe you are just tired. All right, then you can go with me to Odisha. There is a war there and you can help me."

"No, I will not go. You are conquering others' lands and you are going to kill people, damage others' property. I do not want to do this kind of sinful work. I cannot do it."

The king became very angry and ordered his men to arrest him. The king's people put him into jail.

So, the king went to Odisha and Sanatan Goswami was in jail.

Sanatan Goswami knew that his brother had kept some money for him in the grocery shop, so one day Sanatan Goswami spoke to the guard,

"Please let me out, I can give you 5,000 rupees." The guard did not agree, but Sanatan Goswami did not give up,

"When I was the chief minister, I gave you so much facility—the salary, the food, everything. Now I am in a very dangerous position, I am in the jail. Please, only you can open the gate and let me go."

The guard still did not agree, but when Sanatan Goswami offered him more money, 7,000 rupees, the guard asked him,

"If I let you go, the king will come back and ask about you—what will I tell him? He will kill me if he knows I let you get free from the jail."

"You can tell it to him in an intelligent way. Tell him that I went to the toilet to the bank of the Ganges and did not come back. Tell him I jumped into the river and probably died. Please let me go, I will go to Mecca and Medina and never come back here."

(Sanatan Goswami knew the guard was Muslim, so he would know nothing about Vrindavan, Puri, Govardhan, Mathura and other places, that is why he thought it would be better to say he was going to Mecca and Medina.)

Finally, the guard opened the gate and let Sanatan Goswami escape. Somebody helped him to cross the river, and after that he started his journey to meet with Mahaprabhu.




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