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Sanatan-Siksa: Breaking Free

His Divine Grace Om Vishnupad
Srila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj
22 June 2015


[His Divine Grace is reading from Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita, Madhya-lila, chapter 22:]

krsna-bhakti haya abhidheya-pradhana
bhakti-mukha-niriksaka karma-yoga-jnana

“Devotion to Krishna is the primary goal of life. Fruitive action (karma), austerities (yoga), knowledge (jnana) look up to devotion (bhakti).” [17]

ei saba sadhanera ati tuchchha bala
krsna-bhakti vina taha dite nare phala

"These practices have very little power—without devotion to Krishna, they cannot give the result." [18]

Yesterday was the international day of yoga, and the prime minister of India advised everyone to do yoga-asan (like, stand on one leg for a few minutes, and other hatha-yoga and meditation) every day for thirty-five minutes, from 7 to 7:35 a.m. This practice has some value—it helps make the mind, senses peaceful, but what does Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita say? "Karma-yoga-jnana ei saba sadhanera ati tuchchha bala": the result of this practice is minute. Only when there is devotion to Krishna in your practice can you get a good result.

On the other hand, when the prime minister recited some slokas from Srimad Bhagavad-gita, there was some benefit in that—it was Krishna-katha.

If there is no devotion to Krishna present somewhere, then there is nothing there. You may practise karma, you may do yoga, or accumulate knowledge, but there must be devotion to Krishna in that, must be faith in Krishna. You can do karma (engage in activities pursuing some material benefit), it is all right, but it is not good for you to hanker for the result, think of the result. You should not think about it.

kevala jnana 'mukti' dite nare bhakti vine
krsnonmukhe sei mukti haya vina jnane

"Knowledge alone cannot give you liberation unless there is devotion in it, but if you take to Krishna consciousness you can get liberation without any knowledge." [21]

Do you understand? If you have only knowledge and have no Krishna-bhakti, you will not get liberation—you cannot get liberation; but if you are interested in Krishna consciousness, if you want Krishna consciousness but have no knowledge, you will get liberation because you have devotion. It is written very beautifully here in Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita: you can get liberation without any knowledge if you have devotion to Krishna.

'krsna-nitya-dasa'—jiva taha bhuli' gela
ei dose maya tara galaya bandhila

"When the jiva soul makes the mistake of forgetting that it is an eternal servant of Krishna, Maya captures the soul by its neck." [24]

We are eternal servants of the Lord, but we have forgotten it. Because we make the mistake of thinking, "I am the doer, I do everything," Maya binds us by our neck. What can we do now? What is the solution? How can the souls escape this bondage?

tate krsna bhaje, kare gurura sevana
maya-jala chhude, paya krsnera charana

"When such conditioned soul worships Krishna, serves the Guru, then Maya's net is loosened and the soul attains the lotus feet of Krishna." [25]

"If the soul worships Krishna, serves the Guru, Maya will run away from it and it will get the lotus feet of Krishna." These are Mahaprabhu's words—Mahaprabhu tells this to Sanatan Goswami to teach us all.



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Gift of Service
'Mercy comes through desire. If you have a strongest desire, you will serve your Lord, your Guru, and Krishna, Guru will take your service. But if there comes even a little distance from our service, Maya is always ready: as soon as Maya gets some place, you will be immediately attacked by her.'


Namo namah tulasi maharani
'O Tulasi Maharani, O Vrnda Devi, I offer my obeisance unto you again and again. O Narayani, I offer my obeisance unto you again and again.'
নমো নমঃ তুলসী মহারাণি

We cannot save ourselves—no one can—only Krishna can save us.
Do you believe it or not?